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How ling do I continuebwith Cyproterone

Posted 17 Oct 2022 at 08:05

Early after my first Zoladex injection I was prescribed cyproterone to help with the hot flushes. Which it has done.

my zoladex is due to continue for another 2 years , will this include the cyproterone?

my key worker says its dependent on ‘symptoms’,  does she really mean ‘side effects’ 

Thanks in advance

Posted 17 Oct 2022 at 20:50

My guess is she does mean side effects.

I would think you will be on it for the duration of the zoladex treatment, but looking up the side effects I see it can effect the liver, and a few other problems, so maybe they will keep an eye on you and stop it if it causes problems.


Posted 17 Oct 2022 at 21:43
I think she means it is dependent on the symptoms of the HT - if you find it is helping, it will continue, if you find it doesn't help they will stop prescribing and if you find the hot flushes reduce over time anyway you won't need the cypro for the whole two years.
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Posted 17 Oct 2022 at 22:48

I've certainly come across patients who've come off it, and it's some time before hot flushes come back and they start on it again.

You probably can't continue it much after you finish hormone therapy, because it is a hormone therapy drug in its own right, but you might continue getting hot flushes for some time after you finish hormone therapy.

Posted 19 Oct 2022 at 18:31

Lft results came back on Tuesday as ‘normal’

Posted 19 Oct 2022 at 18:33

Thanks peops

will discuss at next clinical review


Posted 23 Oct 2022 at 15:53

Clinical review last friday ( 21/10/22, 6 wks after end of RT

According to my consultant. Keep going with cyproterone until 8-12 weeks after RT. 
then try not taking and see if Hot sweats stop. If the stop discontinue , but have a few in hand  in case  they restart.

stop Tamsulosin 2-3 months after starting ( wk2 RT) 

so that is the plan.

apart from that blood tests at wk 5 post RT

FBC normal

U&E normal

LFT normal

bone panel (alk Phos 107) good enough.

PSA 0.13

testosterone 0.5

so next review 6 months , witj a blood test 1-2 weeks before

so Friday was a good day compared with all those after 9/5/22

onwards and upwards



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