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after effects of HT on erections

Posted 18 Oct 2022 at 17:44

Hello everyone,

A while ago, my husband Ian started using Invircorp injections, and while intercourse was possible, his erections are still not very good. He stopped HT end of January, and also had RT last year, and his operation to remove his prostate in 2020. I presume it takes a while for the erections to improve when using Invircorp as the HT is still affecting him. He also tried using a durex ring after using Invircorp but found it quite uncomfortable. Anyone have any tips? I suppose he could also use the pump as well.

Posted 19 Oct 2022 at 14:40

How were his erections just before starting the HT?

Invicorp doesn't require Testosterone or libido to work.

What sort of hormone therapy was he on and for how long? If he had his last injection at end of January, he might not yet have any Testosterone back. (Ask for a Testosterone blood test - it's useful to know when it comes back.) It tends to come back very quickly when it does, but that might take 10 or more months from when the last injection wore off.

Poor quality erections with Invicorp could be because of not having erections frequently enough, and this is where penile physio using a pump can be very useful (even if you don't find the pump suitable for having sex). Using it every day or every other day will keep the penile tissue in good order.

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Posted 19 Oct 2022 at 18:45
As above , his HT probably hasn’t worn off yet , and if he hasn’t been regularly using a pump ( 3 times per week ) then his erectile elasticity will have been damaged. Invicorp was great for me years ago but tbh I still think “ wanting to do it “ makes a difference. Don’t use a pump after injecting as the wound needs to heal and you can cause bleeding and bruising and clotting problems. As I’ve said on many posts , if you don’t use it or exercise it then you lose it eventually. Good luck
Posted 19 Oct 2022 at 22:29
When he had his first injection, presumably administered by the ED nurse, how effective was it? If it was effective then but hasn't been since, it is a problem of technique. It is quite hard sometimes to get all the liquid from the glass bottle into the syringe without losing any, and John has noticed that sometimes the contents of one bottle seem far less than others which gives him a bit of a heads' up that the injection might not work.

If it wasn't really effective when the nurse did it, then you may be better with one of the other brands - ask about Caverject dual chamber instead.

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