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Docetaxel - neuropathy

Posted 19 Oct 2022 at 11:40

I'm just about to have Cycle 6 (out of 6 three-weekly) Docetaxel infusions.  I've had most of the usual side effects associated with chemotherapy, but the one I'm perhaps most concerned about would appear to be “chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy”.

I've had tingling toes for some time anyway since I had surgery for anal cancer, but now with the chemo I'm finding that my fine motor skills in my fingers aren't what they were, and I get the shakes in my hands (e.g. picking up a cuppa).

My concern is that as my tingling toes have been there for nearly three years now, is the effect on my hands likely to stay?  Anyone had this with docetaxel and come through it?  

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