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Introduction and husband's latest PSA

Posted 13 Nov 2022 at 15:05

Hi everyone. 

I'm Sue.

My hubby was diagnosed a few months ago with PC. It is contained and he has opted for surveillance. He has recently had his 4th PSA check and it has gone from 7.5, to 12 (following biopsies) and then last week to 9.1. I am panicking now as this has increased. Is this a significant rise? Sorry but this is all new to me. 

Posted 13 Nov 2022 at 18:47
It sounds like there was a rise after the biopsy (biopsies can cause a temporary rise) and now it is going back down to its normal level. No need to panic
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Posted 13 Nov 2022 at 20:10

Thank you. I thought it would have returned to normal by now though? It's been 3 months since last PSA 

Posted 16 Nov 2022 at 15:37

Hi Sue,

I wouldn't panic.   Lyn is usually right but I'd be wondering what normal is.   It might have gone up to say 8 and now be slowly recovering to that level.  Presumably the doctor is relaxed.   If you're on 3 month tests then the next one will be early February.  Some are more relaxed about their psa than others but I think I'd be trying to get the next one a bit earlier.   If you have a Macmillan nurse your could mention your concerns and ask about it.  You could ring a nurse on here.  My psa went up twice and I thought it was going faster but then it went down.  You then have to wait until the next test.  Unfortunately if you're worried it can be hard work.  In my case I was relieved at it going down but know that the odds aren't great on it staying that way.  You just have to put up with it, keep aware, be prepared and walk on with hope in your heart.  All the best Peter

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