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SABRE Radiotherapy

Posted 19 Nov 2022 at 12:19

I have recently had my 5 year staging PMSA pet scan Results were encouraging No spread out side my prostate gland 1.8cm tumour Recommendation from urologist SABER radiotherapy However not  accessible on NHS  only private at a cost circa 25k Any Advice as to alternative funding access to treatment  

many thanks

john From Oxfordshire  

Posted 20 Nov 2022 at 09:21

SABR is available on the NHS, but not at all treatment centres - you can ask to be referred somewhere that does it on the NHS. However, I think it is available at Oxford on the NHS since that's where Reading patients are sent for it, so I'm suspicious of the motives of your consultant, in addition to the fact they aren't allowed to mention private treatments during an NHS consultation unless you have asked them to.

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Posted 25 Nov 2022 at 22:28

I was pushed an advert for private treatment including SABR on  Facebook tonight.  It says SABR needs only 5 doses of RT so that charge seems surprising.  It advertises a machine called MRIdian MRI-guided radiotherapy as if they're the only people in the UK with it.

Posted 04 Dec 2022 at 09:47

Royal Marsden had the first in the UK, and the Christie has one too, and maybe more I don't know about in NHS hospitals, so no one can claim to have the only one in the UK.

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