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Hormone Therapy and Ambient Temperature

Posted 20 Nov 2022 at 19:29

An interesting personal observation on ambient temperatures...

I've always been OK in cold rooms. My childhood bedroom was cold (house did have central heating, but it barely made it to my room, which also had a flat roof, no insulation, and steal single-glazed windows). So I probably got used to it. My own first house had no central heating and I was fine with that, but I did eventually install it in 2002, because it's an expected feature. Friends sometimes comment when I'm walking around in a T-shirt outdoors and they're all wrapped up in coats. I get uncomfortable in hotter buildings. Working in offices where we were expected to be smart, I had to shed the jacket and wear short sleeved shirts even though it wasn't really allowed, or I'd find myself sweating (not a hot flush, but just generally too hot all the time).

When I started on hormone therapy, I found I had to turn up the heating. While I'd generally had the heating set to 18C, it was now up to 21C. Strangely, I never got hot flushes on hormone therapy - 20% of guys don't, but I did feel cold at 18C.

The hormone therapy has worn off for a year now. I'm back to being comfortable with colder rooms again. I've been holding off putting on the heating in the current economic climate until I need to, and so far haven't done so. It's actually been around 14.5C in the living room and 12.5C in the bedroom, and I've been fine albeit with more bedclothes on. I would never have managed this while on hormone therapy.


Posted 21 Nov 2022 at 06:48
28C in our living room kitchen last night, missus still cold!
Posted 21 Nov 2022 at 09:33
2 years on HT and I’m feeling the cold more for sure
Posted 21 Nov 2022 at 13:51
I think that feeling the cold is a common side-effect of HT. I certainly did.

Best wishes,


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