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Results in!

Posted 30 Nov 2022 at 18:59

Hi all I am the latest newbie, 

My biopsy results are in and I am scheduled to discuss on Friday 4pm.

I realise it might seem a bit lame but any help with critical question would be very very welcome

I have read a lot in the forum and I want to say it is very informative but until I have my results it seemed a little scary to be honest.

I am 61 married 43 years grown up kids and lots of grandchildren. 
I guess the real concern I have is what treatment will best suit me and the PC hence any help with important question would be greatly appreciated 






Posted 30 Nov 2022 at 23:55

Well the Gleason's score is the first thing you need to know. My oncologist didn't immediately volunteer this, possibly because it was G9, and he wasn't going to mention it until I asked. Next thing is has it escaped the prostate, then roughly what percent of prostate is effected? 

Focal treatments like HIFU have least side effects, but are most likely to be excluded by location of cancer, similarly brachytherapy may be exclusded. So I think you want to know which treatments are definitely excluded.

You also want to know if Active surveillance is a possibility. If it is a low grade cancer you might be able to ignore it, though at 63 I doubt you can ignore it forever.


Posted 01 Dec 2022 at 11:31
Dave, many thanks for your reply. Interesting point you make regarding asking what treatments are excluded.I wouldn’t have thought to ask that.

not long to wait I will post results when I have them

PS 61 not 63 🤣

Posted 02 Dec 2022 at 17:52

Conversation with prostate nurse today I have learned I have score of 3+4=7 and T3aN1.

Bone scan was okay but she told me they picked up something close to the prostate on the CT and MRI. They are now sending me for a PSMA-PET. 
Clearly no discussion on treatment until scan results, the doubt and frustration lives on…..I hope it is scheduled quickly. It is amazing how a couple of months ago I had a PSA test just as a sensible thing to do with every confidence it would be fine and find myself riddled with worry and doubt.

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