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Diagnosis letter arrived today

Posted 16 Dec 2022 at 19:35

Hi I had a call two weeks ago. The nurse told me my grade was T3a N1

Thet sent me for. PSMA PET scan which happened on Wednesday 

The letter however said 31 cores taken of which 22 were positive for PC, this was news to me.

The letter also stated my grade was T3b/a N1

 an anyone advise me of the difference. Or is it just lack of clarity hence the PET scan?

kind regards Nigel

Posted 16 Dec 2022 at 23:00
The PET scan seems to be standard of care now which is good. Because you have a high risk staging they are making sure it's all confined to the pelvis... the PET scan will show any distant metastasis - fingers crossed for you it doesn't!!
Posted 17 Dec 2022 at 12:59

Thanks for the reply Franvij

The question really was what is the difference if any between T3a N1 and T3b/a N1?

Posted 18 Dec 2022 at 06:57
T3b means it has pushed into your seminal vesicles
Posted 18 Dec 2022 at 19:10
That’s not great to know. But thanks. I think I need to be a little more demanding when in discussion with the hospital

However I guess they are waiting for PET scan results

Posted 18 Dec 2022 at 19:49
It does mean that RT is highly likely to be recommended over surgery. Surgery would carry a significant risk of not removing it all.

Best wishes,


Posted 19 Dec 2022 at 13:46

Thanks Chris  I feel that is most likely scenario. There is a MDT meeting tomorrow and frustratingly the PSMA scan results are still not in from Oxford.They promised to chase them again today.  It is looking like it will be post Christmas before I hear the full diagnosis and a treatment plan. 

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