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Hot flushes at night

Posted 31 Dec 2022 at 20:11

How to deal with hot flushes and cold feet ? I have been on HT since November 5 th. Was fine for a few weeks but now the nights are so difficult to sleep. Any tips on how long this will last?

Posted 01 Jan 2023 at 01:44
For some it improves after the first few months but for others, the hotflushes remain throughout HT or even get worse. Try:

- sage tablets

- make sure your clothes, bedding and pyjamas are all natural fibre (cotton, linen, wool or silk) and not mixed fibres ... a lot of bedding is polyester cotton which is no good for flushes

- acupuncture

- wool or bamboo socks

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Posted 01 Jan 2023 at 02:18

I've been on HT since March and have hot flushes every 30 to 45 minutes day and night. Hasn't really improved. Luckily they only last for 3 or 4 minutes.  You seem to eventually get used to kicking off the duvet and then pulling it back on at night; I only wake 3 or 4 times a night nowadays,  although my smart watch still notes my regular sweats activity.

I don't really go for this cotton /linen  clothing idea,  as the sweat shows too much. (During some of my flushes I am literally dripping from most of my body!). I've invested in a number of technical polo shirts. These clever man made fibres can cope with the sweat, wick it away fast and stop you looking too much like a wet rag.  A zipped top is also a good idea to aid adding taking off layers fast. I find my body goes cold before a sweat, then very hot and afterwards I'm cold as the sweat evaporates.

I've also invested in a good hand held fan. Invaluable when you have to stay where you are, for example out having a meal.

Good luck.



Posted 01 Jan 2023 at 13:17

Been on Prostap for 6 months and like you were happening spontaneously every 30-40 minutes. Not too bad at night. However something has changed and they are much less frequent and severe and are now only triggered by change in temperature, such as a hot drink. Night sweats not really a problem any more.

I’ve been taking Sage Leaf for 3 months but not sure if that did any good, recently I’ve had 3 acupuncture sessions with more to come, given up on alcohol and drink lots of water and started drinking POMO pomegranate juice which is expensive but I buy it in Costco which is much cheaper. Which one of them is making the difference, I have no idea but I think perhaps things have started to improve since my second acupuncture session…I will probably have another 3 of these so will know more by then.

a good pocket fan is a must and goes everywhere with me along with a cotton handekerchief.

Posted 02 Jan 2023 at 19:15
For hot flushes I was fortunate to have some decent acupuncture sessions and they really made a difference, didn't stop completely but noticeably less severe. I was on Zoladex for 3 yrs and had two lots of acupuncture treatment one towards the beginning the other about 75% along. The acupuncture sessions can cover various ' ailments' brought on by the treatment.


Posted 05 Mar 2023 at 15:59

I can get hot flushes really badly but find them much, much worse if I'm stressed and go to bed feeling stressed. If I can put whatever it is that is bothering me out of my mind and relax then I don't get it. Similarly, even during the day, if I get stressed by something they turn on like a tap within seconds!

Posted 08 Mar 2023 at 15:52

I was recommended Cyproterone Acetate to help manage the sweats.  I was quite literally dripping.

The consultant oncologist prescribed it for me for a month and then wrote to the GP who has it on repeat prescriptions for me now.  It has made a world of difference; I still get the sensation that a sweat is wanting to break out, but it is never more than a passing phase now.

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