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Side effects of Enzalutamide: High blood pressure, Tinnitus & Headaches.

Posted 01 Feb 2023 at 14:24

Hi there.
Does anyone else have the same side effects as mine?
Side effects of Enzalutamide: High blood pressure, Tinnitus & Headaches.

I have Advance Prostate Cancer Stage 4 with Metastasis to the lymph nodes and bones. Have been on Enza for approx 3 months.
I am 66 yrs and living in Malaysia with my wife for the past 25 years.

Thank you in the for your kind advices.
Best regards,

Posted 03 Feb 2023 at 14:38

Hi there. Could anyone help me with some sharing of experiences please.

Posted 03 Feb 2023 at 14:52
Hi Barry sorry no one has replied yet. I am T4 with spread to lymphs and bones and am 55 yrs old. I’m not on Enza yet as I rejected it up front. I just went for injectable HT using Decapeptyl. My blood pressure has got higher over the 2 years I’ve been on it for sure. Any castration level HT triggers heart disease. Tinnitus ?? Yes for sure , but my wife and I feel that Covid vaccinations started that. Many many others have said the same. But yes high blood pressure can cause it. Headaches no , I never have them. Best wishes
Posted 05 Feb 2023 at 19:45

Hi, I've the same diagnosis and have been on enzalutamide for 2 years, so far it has been wonderful with no real side effects and dramatic effect on PSA (nil) but recently I have colonic issues with my abdomen churning  and griping. My stools are clear of any blood but my toilet habits have changed from a regular once a day to at least 3 times and some false alarms. Needless to say the gas produced with all this churning is horrendous. Looking up the side effects of the drug they report that it can lead to secondary malignancies in bladder or colon. Does anyone else have these symptoms especially if they have been on the drug for as long as I have (2 years)

Posted 05 Feb 2023 at 19:49

Hi, why did you reject the enza? I have both to suppress the PSA values, working well at holding the cancer at bay but worried about the longer term symptoms. Again no headaches or other side effects just terrible stomach cramps

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