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PSA going up 47 yards old

Posted 25 Feb 2023 at 02:13


i have a family history of PC. My father was diagnosed at 65. He was treated successfully with radiation. 

I have some concerns I may have PC now due to my PSA levels keep on raising. 

41 years old - 2/2017 - psa 1.4

46 years old - 2/2022 - psa 1.6

46 years old 2/2023 - psa 1.9


my doctor was concerned on the rise of psa for my age and he scheduled an MRI and gave me a referral to an urologist. I will know more in a few weeks  after I do the exams and see the urologist. 

I’m scared I may have it now.  Should I be concerned? 



Posted 25 Feb 2023 at 08:54

Well you are being investigated for one. So your GP is 'on the ball'. The threshold for investigation is usually higher, in my case and age (51) the threshold was PSA 3.1. My PSA at diagnosis was 8.5.

At the moment without results you don't actually know you have PCA but if you have,  there is a good chance you can be treated successfully as was your father.

Not knowing is the worst bit. Once you have a treatment plan in place you will probably start to feel a bit better.


Posted 25 Feb 2023 at 12:05

Thanks Jim. 

yeah, some doctors do wait until higher psa levels  before conducting additional tests. But I also read on the internet that a low psa doesn’t mean you don’t have it. And “younger” guys are diagnosed sometimes with low psa levels. In fact my primary doctor had 2 around my age with similar readings. So he said just go ahead and do an MRI and see a urologist. 

maybe this is overkill and we are just paranoid. I don’t know. 

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