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Travel Insurance pre-HIFU

Posted 19 Mar 2023 at 12:30

Admiral cancelled our annual travel insurance last week because I declared salvage HIFU treatment ('salvage' following previous nanoknife treatment - 1mm 3+4 picked up on biopsy behind the ablated area) to happen in May. I’ll be going to China before the treatment happens, so am thinking to take out separate single-trip policies for me and my wife now – mine with a specialist provider - with a view to getting a ‘normal’ annual policy after the HIFU is ‘completed’. Does this seem like a plan that would work? Or would it be better to look for an annual couples policy from insurancewith, Staysure etc ?

Also - is there such a thing as a policy to cover everything except any expense related to PCa? I do not want insurance cover for PCa!

Posted 19 Mar 2023 at 13:55

I originally post this in answer to your question on a different thread:-

I got my insurance online. By about the third page of questions it has a drop down for pre-existing conditions, with about a thousand different possibilities, prostate cancer being one of them. After adding that condition, I think there was a tick box saying "do you want to exclude this from cover" .


You are right you must declare everything, otherwise you have no insurance, but you can then exclude some risks.




Posted 20 Mar 2023 at 18:20
The stumbling block for me with every insurance company was "awaiting a procedure". The way round it was, as Dave suggested, getting the condition and treatment excluded from the policy. Couldn't see a way of doing this without speaking to someone on the phone, got through to Staysure first and they offered me a basic policy for under £80. It excludes anything to do with any of my declared medical conditions, including PCa.

Once I've had the HIFU and catheter removal, the treatment is complete and I will be able to tick the 'watchful waiting' (the insurance industry's phrase for active surveillance) and get a reasonably priced annual policy. I've no heart or joint issues ATM, so excluding all my pre-existing conditions may still be an option.

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