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Travel Insurance Polyps!

Posted 30 Mar 2023 at 22:09

I have replied to an old post but on reflection think I better start my own thread.


Husband is with Insurewith for last 2 years with no claims or issues.  We have been away a lot!

He is well and has been on enthuzamide for over 2 years. PSA is undetectable at present but he has just had a colonoscopy to remove a small polyp. There was a larger one (15 mm) but they said he would have to come back for an advanced polypectomy colonoscopy which was very frustrating. Apparently the practitioner wasnt trained and a more senior Doctor would have to do it.


My issue is that we are just about to renew our annual travel insurance and will of course mention all of this and give them a copy of the report. Husband’s consultant is happy for him to travel. We have an expensive holiday booked at end of May 23….


Happy to buy just a single trip insurance or exclude this element of the cover as it’s unlikely that we will have the next colonoscopy and the results back before we go to Australia.


Has any one got any wise words. Can afford a private procedure if it helps but I understand that it needs specialist equipment.


We live near Oxford.  We can travel if required

Posted 31 Mar 2023 at 11:34
So we put it all on the table with InsureWith. They have covered everything BAR the polyp situation for another year. I think that is a good outcome but husband is worried that when the results of the polyp histology comes out it could result in him being told NOT to travel at all! He has already had a blood test and stool sample which has come back clear and negative but he is still worried.

No further bleeding or issues. Wonder if it was a one off. Bleeding was literally on the flight to the Far East and on the way back! In between and since there has been no symptons.

Anyone had something similar and any advice? He wanted to look through all the policy documents to check cover (this is very unlike him going into this level of detail) and of course there are pages and pages and we dont know what scenario we are going to face if anything.

We are planning to go to Oz and Far East for 2.5 weeks toward end of May.

Posted 15 May 2023 at 08:51
Hope all ges well I insured with " Payingtoomuch" great service and half the price of others bur no one knows how GOOD an insurance is until you use it.

Good luck for the Future.

Barry ( Prostate Fighter for 3 years )

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