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Ultra sensitive PSA

Posted 24 Apr 2023 at 09:15

I live in the Worcester area and currently my GP offers the standard PSA test to 1 decimal point but I would like to try using the Ultra sensitive PSA test.  Does anyone know if this is available anywhere near me?  I have just completed 18 months of ADT and results are all 0.1 so the USpas test is just for future reference.


Posted 24 Apr 2023 at 12:55
Hi runner as you have had salvage RT there really isn't any benefit from using the USPSA test as they won't do anything until you are significantly above 0.1.

USPSA now will only serve to worry you with every little variation without any treatment benefit

Posted 24 Apr 2023 at 16:41

Thanks for your reply.  Yes I understand the level for intervention again if needed, it is just out of interest how low my psa was.  If I cannot get this test locally, thats fine.

Posted 24 Apr 2023 at 18:44
You could contact your local private hospital to enquire but if, like where I live, the private hospitals all send their samples to the lab at our NHS hospital, they will only be able to offer in line with the local NHS stance. John had his PSA done at the Spire for years, results came back to 3dp but when the NHS lab decided to stop offering usPSA testing, Spire also had to stop offering it.

Be wary of these companies where you post a sample to them and get a result back a few days later - they don't seem very reliable

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Posted 24 Apr 2023 at 19:45

Hi Runner,  you could search this forum using a place name near you, e.g. Birmingham perhaps, and check the profile of those who come up to find if that person is having uSPA or a level of psa that you find acceptable.  Then find a private hospital that uses their lab.

As said above it could be a worry if found early.  Although I went detectable above 0.05 in Dec 21 when I was about to be discharged after 5yrs.  If I'd been discharged my next test would be Dec 22 and it still hadn't gone over 0.1 then.  So the next test would be Dec 23 and at current trajectory it could then be 0.18 plus or minus by then, which would be a shock.

If you found it was going up you could plan ahead for scans and hope it's a single place, although it depends on your ability to sit tight and not go mad with the tests.   I've got more adjusted to my rise and am glad I know.



Posted 24 Apr 2023 at 20:17
I am private for my follow ups they do not offer USPSA anymore (in Wolverhampton at any rate). I have to go to the NHS hospital in Wolverhampton to get USPSA.

Interestingly I went "detectable" at what was actually 0.055 using the single decimal point test when it was verified with USPSA. If I had stuck with the single decimal place test my results would have been 0.1 for the last 3 years.

Posted 24 Apr 2023 at 20:36

Hi Runner. I am in the same NHS Trust as you and my post RP PSA results have all been to two decimal places. All but one of the PSA tests have been done at the GP surgery (the first one being at the hospital).

Posted 15 May 2023 at 10:18
I know its a 45 minute drive for you but Spire Parkway Hospital at Solihull do ultra sensitive PSA test ( £ 97 a shot ) . You'll need a letter from your GP. Sensitive down to 0.006 . Been using them for over 3 yrs now.Can't get an UPSA in South Warwickshire on the NHS
Posted 15 May 2023 at 10:52

The Graham Fulford Charitable Trust (which is behind most of the charity PSA test events) does PSA tests to 2 decimal places. You can look on their website for a nearby charity event, or you can order a test to do by post if you think you're up to pricking a finger and collecting 15 drops of blood (they supply the prickers and blood tube).

The home test kits are £28. The charity testing events are usually subsidised by a local charity, but as you are not using the test for screening, it would be good to refund the charity the same amount.

Posted 15 May 2023 at 12:54

It is worth spending money to get a super sensitive PSA done. Because I had my prostatectomy privately my PSA results (privately tested) remained at less than 0.003 for fives years but then I had an NHS (because we moved) test which was 0.07 which was very worrying. So I went back to my urologist and my PSA was in fact 0.003.

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Posted 16 May 2023 at 11:39

Dec 2016 - prostatectomy 

Jan 2017 - psa 0.014

March 2017 - psa 0.015

June 2017 - psa 0.014

Sept 2017 - psa 0.019

Jan 2018 - psa 0.023

My Oncologist said something was going on.  Offered a choline pet scan on nhs but we knew it was unlikely to pick anything up.  I paid for a PSMA scan even though I knew I was risking wasting my money.  It picked up 2 areas of interest.

Salvage RT and bicalutimide.

PSA has been <0.006 since June 2018.

Based on my experience, I'm a fan of ultra sensitive testing .

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