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ATLANTA Clinical Trial

Posted 24 Apr 2023 at 16:44

I am on this trial and would like to contact any others on it too especially those on the same cohort. I was enrolled last September 2022 and had RP in March 2023. After randomisation I am on Intervention 2 which is HT standard NHS care - Enzalutamide 4x40 mg daily and Triptorelin injections every 3 months, RALP then hopefully RT SABR in the future. 
Apart from some hot sweats and aching feet I have no other adverse reactions to the HT which started in September. 
Post op incontinence is generally 1-2 pads per day. Nights are mostly dry, although I am having to learn about the new me and manage accordingly and do now get up once at night. 
Last PSA pre op was undetectable and testosterone 0.7. 
I am 70 and feel generally fit now and had no urinary or other symptoms pre op, not even getting up at night to pee. 
It would be nice to be in contact with any others on the same clinical trial to share experiences. 

Posted 24 Apr 2023 at 23:31

Hi Grandpa Bill,

Great to hear this trial is going well for you so far. I read about it when my husband was first diagnosed and it’s always really interested me. I wish you well and will follow your post. 

I hope someone also on the trial responds soon. 


Posted 12 Aug 2023 at 06:00

Hi there! I'm also on the same clinical trial as you, enrolled in September 2022. I had RP in March 2023 and was randomized to Intervention 2, which includes Enzalutamide and Triptorelin injections. I've experienced some hot sweats and aching feet, but no other adverse reactions to the hormone therapy. Post-op, I use 1-2 pads per day, but nights are mostly dry. I'm 70 and feeling generally fit, TellHco with no urinary symptoms before the surgery. It would be great to connect with others on the trial and share experiences!

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