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Prostap-3 injection failure

Posted 21 Jan 2024 at 08:17

I have been on Prostap-3 since diagnosis in 2016. All OK but of course no libido and genitals almost disappeared!

I am 89 and otherwise quite healthy.

My injection was due on 18/12/23 but I am convinced that the Prostap just ran down my rear upper left arm. I took no action at that time but 12 days later (30/12/230) I started experiencing a slight "sex urge".

These symptoms have increased since and my genitals have increased in size, I  can now feel testicles in my scrotum.

Doctor has done blood tests and results - so far - are claimed to be "normal" (PSA and Testosterone).

With these developing symptoms should I insist on a "repeat" Prostap-3 injection?


Posted 21 Jan 2024 at 15:33
Hi HRW - do you know what the testosterone result actually was in numbers? What is a normal level for most men would not be a normal level in a man on HT?
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Posted 21 Jan 2024 at 19:10
Hi LynEyre

I don't know the answer to your question re: testosterone. Hoping to find out Tuesday when I see oncology.

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