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Six weeks after RT

Posted 03 Jun 2014 at 11:59

I'm coming up to my six-week post salvage RT appointment and wondering what form this will take.

The specialist nurse did cover it but a lot went in one ear and out the other, I'm afraid.

I realise things vary from patient to patient and from centre to centre but I'd be grateful for any general background info for this event.

For example; Is PSA taken at this point?

If so, are the results usually available to the consultant on the day?

Is a rise/fall in PSA level meaningful so soon after Radiotherapy?

My Oncologist (urologist) who is seeing me in another couple of weeks asked me to arrange a PSA test beforehand (at the time he wasn't aware when my RT would start/end) and I'm wondering if the RT people do a PSA at the six week point, I won't have to duplicate the test.

Obviously in a few days, I'll find out the answer to that when I attend the RT unit and I will still have time to arrange a PSA test if they don't, but it would be useful to have a heads-up in advance on what generally happens





Not "Why Me?" but "Why Not Me"?
Posted 03 Jun 2014 at 18:38
Hi Dave

I can only share my experience. I had RP followed by RT. My oncol would not do a PSA until 6 months had passed as she said it can give a false result, others on here have said similar.

I have read of others who have a PSA test earlier but you also need to be aware that some of those men may also be on HT so they could be measuring its effectiveness ie the PSA should start dropping due to HT.

My PSA at just over 5 month ( sneaked it in early) was 0.048. They won't test now for 6 months as it had already started dropping fromy pre RT PSA of 0.089. So bring on the summer and fingers crossed for both of us


Posted 04 Jun 2014 at 00:16
Hi Dave,

John's 6 week post RT appointment was simply to check whether he had any lingering side effects, bowel problems. In and out in 5 minutes - he was disappointed because he assumed they were going to tell him whether or not the RT had worked but of course, it doesn't work like that.

If you are seeing the onco two weeks later, who are you seeing at the 6 week appointment?

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Soren Kierkegaard

Posted 04 Jun 2014 at 06:42

Hi Lynne and Brian,


  Many thanks for your replies,

It's quite useful to have some idea of what (or what not!) to expect.


Lyn, The first appointment (RT plus 6 weeks) is with the oncologist (radiotherapy) who heads the Radiotherapy Dept at the hospital, whom I first saw after being referred to by the oncologist (urology).

 The oncologist(u) was the one who performed my LARP and to whom I have been going to for 3-monthly follow-up PSA tests.

The coming appointment and PSA test (for six months hence i.e. now; not the usual 3 months because of the RT) was made at the time I was referred to RT centre, for salvage RT.

Not "Why Me?" but "Why Not Me"?
Posted 18 Jun 2014 at 23:10

Was given my PSA results at 8 weeks after salvage RT.
PSA 0.6
Which is the level that it was at prior to RT.

The oncologist explained that he expected a lower score than this, so not so good news.

On the other hand, prior to RT, PSA was doubling every three months ,now it's been stable
for six months. (without any HT)

So now a wait to see what next PSA test brings.



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Not "Why Me?" but "Why Not Me"?
Posted 18 Jun 2014 at 23:19
Or to look at it from the other way, your PSA has not increased and the RT has stopped it in its tracks.

Your medics are the 'experts' as is my oncol. She would not test before 6 months as it may not give a true reading.

Hold in there and see what the next PSA is. RT will be working for at least 15 months


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Posted 04 Jul 2014 at 22:56

My hubby has just got appointment through today for his first post RT. He had RP in October, started on Casodex few months ago and then 37 sessions of RT. The letter has told him to arrange a psa test with his gp before the visit, wondering what to expect.....

Posted 05 Jul 2014 at 11:31

Hi Dave,

I've not long had my post RT meeting and all it consisted of was a quick skin check (for surface damage / burns) plus a "how's the plumbing doing" chat.


I think in my hospital that meeting flags the treatment ownership from the RT team back to oncology as a few days later my next oncology appointment hit the mat.  


I'll be having bloods taken prior to my oncology meeting (includes PSA) but no blood tests were required for the post RT meeting.


Hope that helps



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