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How to explore the topic areas and subtopics

Posted 12 June 2014 12:40:24(UTC)

Hi all --


There's a bug in the way the topic areas display which makes it difficult to explore them. Our developers are fixing it asap, but in the meantime, here's how to see the full list of topic areas.


1. Click 'All topics' in the blue main menu, above.


2. For each main topic area you're interested in, click the '+' (plus) on the right side of the bar. The topic area will expand and show you all the subtopics. You can then click the subtopic you want to read. Don't click the name of the main topic area ('Welcome', 'Treatment' etc) or you'll be taken to an intermediate page that isn't very useful.


We're fixing this shortly so that clicking the topic area name displays its subtopics instead of taking you to another page -- but until then, just click the '+'!





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