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Planning ahead

Posted 19 July 2014 12:17:08(UTC)
Hi all

Found this link to an initiative and info re planning for those who have a terminal dx or indeed for those who may just wish to consider how to plan for the future


This initiative was formed following the tv documentary My last summer

Hope it is useful

Posted 19 July 2014 14:44:57(UTC)

Thanks Bri. Will have a good read ! Fiona.

Posted 19 July 2014 15:05:44(UTC)
Hi Bri,
Nothing wrong with planning ahead and for me diagnosed terminal but fighting like hell the job is done to the best of mine and Karen's ability even to the extent of designing and paying for the artwork upfront for my bespoke coffin. For yourself always a good things to have your financial affairs in order in case you get hit by a number 7 bus or get killed by a revolving door....see your other post of today, Bladder neck obstruction
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