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A New Chapter

Posted 07 Oct 2020 at 23:48


Thanks for all your kind messages.

A few more details of my meeting with my oncologist.  As I said, the plan is for me to take Bicalutamide in addition to the Zoladex implants I'm already on, to try to slow down the rise of my PSA.  Hopefully, this will work for a while. I understand this might only for 6 months but might as well take advantage of this stage of treatment.

I did ask what my future treatment will be.  She said that when my PSA reached double figures, she would look to restage me, arranging another bone scan and possibly a CT Scan.  If they do not show any mets then she would consider sending me for a PET Scan to see what that showed. 

If mets were found, the next stage of treatment would probably be Enzalutamide once the PSA started to increase at a faster rate. 

I just hope this doesn't happen too quickly.


Posted 08 Oct 2020 at 09:48

Sorry to hear your latest update Steve, I hope the next course of treatment will be effective.

It’s interesting how oncologists work differently, once my PSA reached 2 she arranged for an MRI, CT scan and a bone scan.  It may have been the rate of rising but to me it didn’t seem like that.

Best wishes,


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