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Life with fatigue

Posted 02 Aug 2016 at 16:04

Hi everyone

I’m Minal from the health information team.

Fatigue can stop you in your tracks, making it really hard to get even basic tasks done.

We’re producing an online guide to help men with prostate cancer related fatigue find ways to manage it.

I’d like to include some tips on how to manage daily activities when you have fatigue. For example, do you sit down to chop vegetables or food shop online? What helps to save your energy?

Share your tips on:

- washing and dressing
- doing housework
- managing food shopping
- cooking meals
- doing the laundry
- or anything else that helps make your life easier.

Please comment below or email me minal.smith@prostatecanceruk.org with any tips you have. If we use your tip, we will use it anonymously (we won't use your name, username, or any identifiable details about you).

You will be helping us to ensure that our information is as useful as possible for men with prostate cancer.

Thanks for your help.





Posted 03 Aug 2016 at 08:48

Hi Minal,

I suffer from fatigue but not debilitatingly, I find that I realise that at various stages of the day I have slowed down or stopped so I give myself a mental kick up the jacksy and "make" myself get on with things and I find it works for me. Once I have finished I am happy that I made myself get on with it and then I sit back and chill, satisfied.

Basically I use a positive mental attitude rather than a negative one. I am not at a stage where I need to sip life my chores but I do recognise that there are certain jobs that are beyond my physical ability but not sure if that is down to my age or PCa treatment.

Regards Chris/Woody

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