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Posted 01 Nov 2016 at 20:52



Advice please if possible. I am a retired British ex Pat living in Hungary and on their NHS. I was diagnosed in Sept 2010 Gleason 6 Grade III and have had all the usual MRI/CT, Bone Scans, PSA, Radiotherapy and from the start a 3 monthly injection of Diphereline (triptorelin) S.R 11.25mg. Still have the prostate as it had spread outside.

I shall be due such an injection in the middle of February 2017 when I shall be back in the UK for the whole of that month. I have approached, initially, a GP practice in Somerset and they have said they can only give me a 3mg injection which is normally administered every 28 days. This would be of no use to me as:


1. I would go back to Hungary and have problems getting the 3mg as they do not normally use this measure.

2. After 6 years  I am very reluctant to vary my treatment as it could have negative consequences. 

Does any one know if the 11.25mg is available and how would one go about getting it.

In Hungary all ongoing treatment is carried out in hospital by the Urology Consultants, even injections. Obviously the UK is different so presumably I would have to do a temporary registration with a GP so if any one knows of one who can give this injection I would be prepared to travel.




Posted 02 Nov 2016 at 19:05

Thanks for the reply. To be fair the GP practice I approached took all the relevant info including photo copies of my last 2 visits to hospital. They have a Hungarian GP so were able to 'read' everything. They phoned me after 3 days and said they were not allowed to prescribe the 11.25mg and could only use the 3mg. I assumed that they had referred to a higher authority of some sort.

One stupid aspect of this is that the NHS pay all my costs in Hungary. The second is that I am supposed to use my EHIC card when seeking treatment in the UK so any costs are directly debited to this. Thirdly I had great difficulty initially in explaining to the receptionist and finally by saying look forget I am English I am a Spaniard who speaks perfect English who has an EHIC so what are you going to do. Fourthly - well we have to be politically correct nowadays but I suspect had I not qualified in any way for NHS cover I would not have been any worse off.

Your other suggestions are good and I will pursue them. If the worse comes to the worse I will have to get a plane from Bristol to Budapest and get my injection in Hungary.

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