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Posted 27 March 2017 21:36:02(UTC)
My Dear Dad was diagondsed 4 years ago, Gleason 9 but no spread, he had hormone therapy followed by 8 weeks radiotherapy which he coped really well with! Consultant recommended follow up hormone therapy which finished sometime later. He has regular pas tests which up until September were great, unfortunately last three consecutive tests were rising :( a ct scan showed a swaollen numph gland, which consultant suggests more hormone therapy followed by radiotherapy depending on bone scan! Can anyone throw any light on this, was very optimistic with Dad and trying to keep poisitive and would love some moral support.
Posted 28 March 2017 04:20:50(UTC)

Good morning, Countrygirl.

Take it easy. Here you will find great support, as I do.

I'm not an expert at this subject yet as my husband is just beginig this bad journey, but as some member on here say, "PCa isn't always curable but it's treatable."

Give more details about Dad's issue so they can help you: age, Gleason, stage, tests, etc etc.

Everyone must be sleeping right now, but I am sure they will give you some wise and relieving response later.

Best wishes,


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Posted 28 March 2017 07:22:00(UTC)

Hello Countrygirl and welcome

Lola is right. Please tell us more about dad's results as it helps with giving advice. I can't offer any as i don't have that knowledge but I'm sure one of the others will be along to also support you.

Best Wishes



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Posted 28 March 2017 07:36:18(UTC)

Finding HT doesn't 'cure' isn't unusual, see my profile, but as the others have said, what are his PSA figures, how much has it gone up?
There are many men who are on a 'watch and see' where they have HT for a year then wait to see the rise is afterwards before going back on HT, Intermittant Hormone Therapy.

I've been there, am there, and still going, so you're not alone.

But please ask, anytime for reassurance.

God Bless

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Posted 28 March 2017 20:52:04(UTC)
Thank you so much for your replies :-)
My Dad was diagnosed with prostrate cancer which was first diagnosed when he had kidney failure, he had tried to ignore symptoms which led to him being very ill. Left hospital with a catheter and his kidneys made a miraculous recovery. He was diagnosed with a PSA level of 80 and Gleeson 9 but all his scans came back clear. He had a TURPS op and recovered really well and no longer needed the catheter. He had had hormone therapy for 7 months then 8 weeks of radiotherapy continued by another year of hormone therapy, bicalutimide , which he coped quite well despite usual side effects. His PSA came down to 0.03 very quickly and subsequent checks remained very very low. Until October 2016 when it jumped to 1.4 , a check 3 months later was 2. So his consultant sent him for a CT scan which showed a swollen lymph gland which indicated along with rising PSA that the cancer was still present, he suggested a bone scan which we are waiting for and back on HT and then then depending on results of tests radiotherapy to target the gland. As far as I know and I've been to every appointment he was never graded apart from his gleeson score. He was 72 at time of diagnosis and remarkably never had to visit his doctor up to his illness.
Posted 28 March 2017 20:59:29(UTC)

He was first diagnosed 4 years ago and his bone scan and CT scan was clear from any spread although his gleeson score indicated an aggressive cancer.

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