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Newly diagnosed husband

Posted 30 October 2017 20:12:26(UTC)
My husband is newly diagnosed with Pca and is soon to have a radical prostatectomy.He is also a kidney transplant patient and I was wondering if there is anyone out there who has been in the same position.We are both still wading through the maelstrom of information , and the reality of a cancer diagnosis. The emotional impact is just hitting us both , it does feel very isolating at the moment.Any advise would be most welcome
Posted 01 November 2017 11:41:59(UTC)

Hello User151 and apologies that your post appears to have been missed.

I don't have the experience you need but I hope, having bumoed you, that somebody with the knowledge will respond.

That initial diagnosis is a pig isn't it. We all, to some extent, understand how you both feel.

One thing you are not any more is alone!!

Best Wishes


We can't control the winds - but we can adjust our sails
Posted 01 November 2017 23:19:11(UTC)
Hello user151
I sympathise with how you both are feeling, after all the tests and appointments you have a fairly good idea of where it’s going but when you are actually told you have PC it’s still a kick in the teeth. I had my RP surgery Aug 15th, sar going ok, if you want to click my avatar, you can read my journey so far. I would advise doing PF exercises prior to the op and also talk to people re concerns and thoughts and don’t bottle things up, I am sure this helped me post operative.
There are others here who can give you more info about being further along in the process and I wish you both well.

Posted 02 November 2017 07:15:46(UTC)

I hope you manage to get some answers, my husband has opposite problems ckd 5 but unable to have a transplant due to active prostate cancer egfr 14 at moment, so just had fisula fitted ready for when he has to go on dialysis. good luck .
regards barbara

Posted 02 November 2017 17:57:32(UTC)

Really sorry to hear about you husband , Barbara, and thanks DaveM re pf - started yoga again.

This is my first post and I can see that it helps to share ideas, thoughts and feelings, especially if you are new to the whole prostate cancer world. At the moment it can feel to be a dauntless task with so much information to absorb and the emotional turmoil.I have talked to a couple of men in a similar situation or who have been through the experience and found it very helpful.

Newly diagnosed husband.
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