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Waiting for test

Posted 07 January 2018 08:28:24(UTC)
In 2010 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. PSA was 1.5, Gleason 3+3 pT1a. Consequently I have had my PSA monitored every 3 months. The PSA levels have fluctuated over the last seven years but are usually around the 1.0 to 1.5 levels.
In September 2017 a regular PSA test came back as 2.0. A month later another test came back 2.4 and at the beginning of December it was 4.0. I saw my consultant mid-December who carried out a DRE which indicated no abnormalities. He suspected a possible infection but also suspects the intermittent self-catheterisation (ISC) is also elevating the PSA. He put me on a two week course of Ciprofloxacin and then have another PSA test in the new year.

I had intended to book another PSA test immediately following the completion of the Cipro but both the consultant and GP have advised waiting for 6 to 8 weeks after completion of the Cipro before another test. Bearing in mind the rapid rise over a short period of time I am concerned about such a delay.

Does anybody have any advice on this?

Thanks in anticipation.
Posted 07 January 2018 09:07:37(UTC)

Good morning Wairds,

You've been actively monitored all this time and your consultants have been on top of all the changes. My husband only got a year out of it before he had to make a decision

Personally (with the scores you previously showed, your current ones and the normal DRE) I would try not to stress too much on the delay.

Infection (as I'm sure a number of members on here will confirm) can cause quite a rise in the PSA, so I would wait as advised.

If you have it earlier and the PSA is still raised, what have you gained, since it could still be the result of the infection and waiting for the Cipro to take it down.

I expect you'll get other answers soon

Good luck


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Posted 07 January 2018 09:34:07(UTC)

I thank you for your prompt response.

I guess I have been lucky (if anybody can be lucky in this situation) in that I have been aware and able to monitor what is going on.

Your post makes perfect sense. I am just concerned at what appears to me to be a rapid rise and don’t want to waste the opportunity to jump on it.

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Posted 07 January 2018 12:21:35(UTC)
You have been fortunate to have been closely monitored and I guess the trend is there for the experts to analyse but bearing in mind this cancer is slow moving and there is need to consider all the tests and checks.
We are in a similar situation, my husband’s PSA has risen to 10 at the last count but his oncologist is wary of recommending a treatment instead he had to have scans, another test etc before finally deciding what is the best option. Apart from steroids he hasn’t had any medication since last June and it was enzalutamide which didn’t work out well for him, so we’re now back to considering our options.
I know it’s so hard to be patient but it’s the name of the game I guess we’re used to it after ten years .
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