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Skin rash

Posted 08 Mar 2018 at 18:58
I have had Zoladex injections since May. Just recently small areas of rash have appeared on chest, arm, leg. Has anyone else experienced this....especially so long after starting it.
Posted 08 Mar 2018 at 20:34

Hi John

2 years into HT (Zoladex) GP put rash in places as yours as scabies because I had visited an home for aged. 2 weeks later another GP but it down to a reaction to something my body didn't like adding it would go by itself. Which it did but from then whilst on HT I had mild versions of the rash. Only frequent rash/itching now is on upper thighs but that area still gains and loses hair as it did on HT so long term side effect of RT/HT or just coincidence?


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