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Should i buy a pump

Posted 13 Sep 2020 at 17:44

Hi should I buy a pump when  viagra and injections haven't worked

Is there one anybody recommends please

Posted 13 Sep 2020 at 22:07
You could buy a cheap pump from a website like Love honey to see how you go but as I posted on another thread, your best bet is to find out whether you can get a proper one on the NHS first. The popular ones on prescription are:-

- Farnhurst Elite

- Soma-erect

- Osbon Erec-aid Esteem

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Posted 14 Sep 2020 at 11:07

If you buy one yourself, ask the seller if you can have a VAT exemption certificate first, since you are buying it as a medical appliance (zero rated) rather than a sex toy (20% VAT). Shops selling sex toys may not be setup to do this, but the main suppliers for the devices used on the NHS and available privately all will.

Posted 15 Sep 2020 at 20:38


Posted 16 Sep 2020 at 07:41

You don't say what treatment you have had or why you have ED. A pump will help prevent penile shrinking through lack of natural erections. You should speak to your GP or Urologist but yes You should probably get a pump.

I posted the following on a recent thread which is worth reading as are many others on this topic.

"I had problems getting a prescription pump at first so tried the cheapies from Love Honey and then Amazon. I first got one with a squeezy pump but the actual pump was slow and soon split. Then I got one with the scissor or trigger/pistol type pump which has lasted ages. Now I have got a prescription Somarect as well. To sum up my opinion on the positives and negatives of each.

Somarect Positives:
Top quality pump unit
Excellent choice of rings
Slightly easier to apply the ring
Comes with inner sleeve if required
Good safety pressure relief valve

Somarect Negatives:
Heavy (can't use it standing without holding it)
Not waterproof
Expensive or prescription only

Cheapy Positives:
Price and variety available
Waterproof so can use in bath or shower
All parts can be bought seperately as extras or variety
Lighter so can wear while standing if you get a good seal

Cheapy Negatives:
Some of the actual pump units are weak (The pistol type is fine).
Slightly more difficult to apply a ring, although just takes practice
Be careful that if the pressure relief fails that you are ready to just pull the pipe off

If I could only have one regardless of cost it would be the cheapy.

I have found that if you pump up to full engorgement then remove the comfort seal I can wear a soft ring and then get the tube over the ring forming the seal and then pump with the ring already on.
Or if you are shaved or at least trimmed short, put the ring on the tube without the comfort seal and slip it off and onto penis before releasing the pressure
It all takes practice and a bit of trial and error.

Good luck


Here's a link to the thread if you want


Good luck




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Posted 16 Sep 2020 at 12:46

Great response from Bill, but also worth saying the opposite happens.

I took the advice of this group and bought a pump from Amazon to try out before I actually needed one. It was a midrange one, electric pump and pressure guage, not the cheapest end of the spectrum.

I found it really uncomfortable, even painful to use. I decided pumps weren't for me. Not a good experience.

After my treatment at a 12 week review, the consultant said I wasn't maintaining erections for long enough due to lack of libido on HT to prevent long term damage, and arranged a pump clinic appointment. I went in fully open minded, but also thinking this probably isn't going to work for me. I was wrong, the NHS SOMAerect was vastly more comfortable than the one I had bought, and quite usable. I also learned in the pump clinic that since I could still get natural erections, I should concentrate on those more, but I have used the pump a bit. Actually, what I learned in the pump clinic in terms of duration and frequency of having erections was more useful than the pump itself, so well worth doing.

Posted 16 Sep 2020 at 19:35
I totally agree with Andy.

If I'd had a prescription pump in the first place I probably would never have gone down the cheapy route. Having said that I am glad I did because as I said I prefer the cheapy for the reasons I mentioned. Also having said that, I missed out on the tuition and advice from a demo but was lucky that it all worked for me without.

I would say if you get the chance of a prescription one and especially a demo definitely go for it, but don't rule out the cheapy as an addition or instead of if necessary. I use both and it's horses for courses.



Posted 21 Sep 2020 at 15:14

Thank you all for your replies

i had my prostate out over 3 years ago but only recently been given injections but they are unsuccessful as they only give me a very slight erection

feel as though I should give up trying as I don’t see my urologist for another 6 months but feel it is unfair on my wife to wait another 6 months to try something as we have not had sex for over 3 years now

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