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My Journey through HT and RT

Posted 01 May 2023 at 19:54

You are absolutely right about having same appointment times. Decho. Mine were at different times just about every day. I quickly discovered that what's in your stomach makes a big difference on how quickly water passes through your system. One appointment was immediately after lunch and I ended up missing my a slot because my bladder wasn't filling. On other occasions I was having to let some out before I got in the treatment room and on one occasion my bladder gave way on the table. I'm sure on lot of this bladder anxiety could be avoided by having a set time every day.

Posted 01 May 2023 at 20:21

I suspected I wasn’t the only one to lose control!

Can anyone answer this?…how do they know the bladder is full and you don’t have any gas? Is it the x-ray that shows this?

Posted 02 May 2023 at 07:56

All the best for the rest of the week Decho. Last week I went to a getting started with radiotherapy session with a radiographer at Maggie's in Cardiff. I asked about bladder level and movement and he said I would be having a cone CT scan each time and they can constantly see if the rectum is inflating because of gas or is not empty. As you were told, the machine will stop if the target area is moved too much.  Thanks again for all the tips and updates.


Posted 02 May 2023 at 08:36



That sounds like a great idea getting a Radiographer along to Maggies…I will suggest that to my Men’s Group on Friday.

I have gold marker seeds implanted so don’t get a CT scan every day. I had a CT scan first day and then only an X-Ray each day, which is why I was assuming that the X-Ray must show if everything is in the right place? I will ask my very friendly radiographer today😊

Good luck with your RT when it starts Ian, I will follow your progress closely.


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Posted 02 May 2023 at 10:08

Originally Posted by: Online Community Member

You are absolutely right about having same appointment times. Decho. Mine were at different times just about every day. I quickly discovered that what's in your stomach makes a big difference on how quickly water passes through your system. One appointment was immediately after lunch and I ended up missing my a slot because my bladder wasn't filling. On other occasions I was having to let some out before I got in the treatment room and on one occasion my bladder gave way on the table. I'm sure on lot of this bladder anxiety could be avoided by having a set time every day.

I was not supposed to, but I let a bit out if they were late to call me in - it happened at least 3 times.
It must be tricky for them to keep to a strict timetable.
At least a couple of times, I was told I was "Gassy" - but it was not bad enough to stop the treatment 😅

Posted 04 May 2023 at 20:40

Well, that’s it….all done and dusted. 20 out of 20 completed today and quite emotional.
Took in some bubbly and chocs for the team and they were soooo appreciative….lots of hugs all round. I can’t speak highly enough of them, so understanding and compassionate, made me feel completely at ease and helped me through this.

I am feeling absolutely fantastic and looking forward to getting on with my life.

I’ve learned a lot and think it’s worth a separate post on Hints when having Radiotherapy which I will post soon…been on the champagne and out for dinner tonight so will do it over the weekend.


Posted 04 May 2023 at 21:29
Well done, you're an inspiration!
Posted 04 May 2023 at 22:32
Congrats on finishing your treatment and a lovey touch talking them some goodies. Hope you enjoyed yours too and have a peaceful night and continue to feel great.

Best wishes


Posted 04 May 2023 at 22:37
"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Soren Kierkegaard

Posted 05 May 2023 at 13:05

Well done Decho, good to hear your feeling well and long may that continue.

I am 3 weeks into the bicalutamide and 1 week since my first prostap and am wondering if they are doing anything as so far I do not feel any different. Maybe I never had any testosterone to begin with😉

All the best with your recovery and thanks again for sharing your experiences with us.


Posted 05 May 2023 at 13:29
Hi Ian,

Thanks so much, I do really feel good. I’m just back from the men’s cancer support group where I always cheer them up. Being positive is so important in getting through this.

Sorry to spoil your party with regards to testosterone….I thought the same and then all of a sudden BANG!🤣🤣🤣 but not everybody’s the same so you might be lucky.🤞🤞🤞

At least though unlike having RP you’ll probably not get frustrated as like me, you’ll probably feel more like having a cup of tea….and I never, ever thought I would hear myself saying THAT!

Still can have a lot of pleasure though if you learn to adapt to new ways of doing things😉

Posted 05 May 2023 at 19:00

It’s a mixed feeling when you finish treatment. Elated it’s all over but connections made with fellow patients and staff take time to process. Enjoy dinner tonight and best wishes to you going forward. 


Posted 09 May 2023 at 22:44

Hi Decho

My OH is due to start RT early June and we have found your posts so useful.  Thank you for taking the time to explain the treatment as we now know what to expect which certainly has helped our stress levels.  Best wishes


Posted 10 May 2023 at 12:02

Hi Decho

I'm sure your detailed diary of your journey will be very useful and at the same time inspiring to others in your situation.  All the best. Ian.

Posted 12 May 2023 at 15:15

One week on since the end of RT and things going generally well although I’m feeling a bit neglected by the NHS when it comes to aftercare. Last Saturday I started to get a real stinging pain when having a bowel movement. It felt a bit like haemorrhoids but I had an operation a long time ago which meant I shouldn’t get these….and there were no signs of them, so I assume it might be a bit of damage by radiation. I knew from the many hours I’ve spent on this wonderful forum that this was quite a common side effect and that anusol can help. I managed to get a hold of some but didn’t use it until I had checked with my CNS. She confirmed it was ok to use it and that I should consult with my GP for any issues with side effects - this surprised me a bit I have to say as I thought they were specialists there to help?
Anyway I started using the cream and it did help, so I went to my local chemist to see if they could prescribe for me as I needed some more, however they said I would need to get the prescription from my GP! I asked if I could buy some but she said No, as it wasn’t for haemorrhoids! I tried to explain it to her but she wasnt interested….she didn’t even consult the pharmacist! And you can buy it off the shelves in Asda no questions asked!

So, off to my GP surgery to see if I could get a telephone appointment with my GP- I always go in person as getting through on the phone is never easy.  Yes, we can do that…2nd June!!! Well that’s not much good😟 normally when you mention the ‘C’ word you get an appointment same day but this rather snooty receptionist was having none of it! I explained to her that I was having side effects that needed attention so she said I should send an email for the attention of my GP. Anyway I did that on Wednesday and so far haven’t heard a dicky bird!. I know they are busy but this is all very disappointing. A trip to my local Asda sorted the issue, but there are other things I want to discuss with my GP, especially about my wonky penis(as my wife calls it🤣🤣)

anyway the stinging is much better, still there a little and using the cream. Energy levels still good, been out twice on my ebike this week for 3 hour cycles(with coffee stops😊). This afternoon I’ve been out shovelling topsoil and now I am resting. Still managing my 10k+ steps most days and feeling good, although I was wiped out on Monday, kept falling asleep…mind you the weather was awful so I didn’t get much exercise.

I’m getting more confident now about my bowel urges…they only occur in the morning and I can now control them a bit better until I get to a toilet. I do still carry an emergency kit in the car but have never needed it. Today I was away out all morning and this was the first day I didn’t need to wear a pad. I’ve been wearing Attend F6 in the morning when out and about just to give me that reassurance that I wouldn’t embarrass myself if I had an accident…..they seem very secure although I have never actually tested them out for real!

So, I’m off to Fuerteventura a week tomorrow and can’t wait. I feel confident that I won’t have issues on the 4.5 hour flight as it’s in the afternoon.

got a busy weekend looking after our 2 grandsons, 7 and 9 and they always bring me joy and happiness!😊

I’ll update you again, next Friday, have a good weekend!


Posted 12 May 2023 at 16:06

Deco, you'll have to itemise your in-car emergency kit, sounds very sensible! 


Posted 12 May 2023 at 16:16

Originally Posted by: Online Community Member

Deco, you'll have to itemise your in-car emergency kit, sounds very sensible! 


Here we go😊

Spare Pad, nickers and shorts….I always wear shorts from 1st April although it’s been damned cold in Scotland.
Pee bottle, bought mine from Amazon,
Towel for use with the above in case you need to use it and don’t want passing buses watching you🤣🤣
Toilet paper and wet wipes.
Waterproof mat for my car seat just in case I need to use it

Only used the bottle once on return from Edinburgh…TBH I think just having it there keeps my mind off having an accident!


Posted 12 May 2023 at 17:15

Yes Decho, some chemists behave like little tin gods - I find Preparation H ointment works pretty well, it has no cocaine which can irritate, more than it cures!
As for GPs - you can be half dead, before they take interest. Such is the NHS in 2023.

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Posted 13 May 2023 at 09:05

Hi Derek

I agree that once you have finished RT the hospital does rather lose interest and relies on 6 mo PSA and testosterone tests. If PSA remains low then OK, if not we will see you. Although I had no pain I had several episodes of blood in poo up to 6 mo after finishing RT. Mentioned this to my CNS nurse who was pretty prompt in referring me to colorectal. Again swift response and had a colonoscopy. Two small areas of radiation proctitis found which did not require treatment but 3 colonic polyps found and removed. I think the current interest in bowel cancer may have concentrated minds!

Still feel a wreck most of the time with fatigue  achey muscles and joints, no libido. I hope things will I.prove if my T returns to normal. Next bloods in June. Fingers crossed.

Considering that I finished zolly last Sept, it's effects are dragging on. If more people realised how awful it can make you feel perhaps they would not have it, although the alternative is certainly worse!

Pleased you are getting on OK despite the bowel problem.

Good luck to us all.


Posted 13 May 2023 at 19:52
Yes, peternigel, the alternative is worse isnt it. I had 3 yrs of Zoladex with 2 yrs on trial of enzalutimide and abiraterone, had.most of side effects, took quite a while to get over it but I did and,I must say, knowing what I know now I'd do it again altho RT/HT was the only treatment I was offered. It seems to have worked for me.


Posted 13 May 2023 at 20:51

Like you PeterCo HT/RT was the only option I was offered.

I’ve had a year of Prostap already with another 2 to look forward to😟 Doing everything I can to reduce the side effects and learning to live with them. I sometimes feel that those of us on this route don’t get the support that we need and that those on surgery get…and as you say it’s 3 years of this. The support during RT was excellent but since finishing it seems I have been forgotten about.  I’m even finding it difficult to get an appointment with someone who can help me with what I suspect might be the start of Peyronie’s disease as a result of HT. In contrast I wrote an email to Somaerect yesterday and got a very helpful reply today(on a Saturday!). This issue really worries me because when I eventually come out the other end of this I want my full sex life back, and I feel if I don’t start some kind of rehab it might get worse (and the guy from Somaerect confirmed this).

I have zero libido although my wife and I have found ways of giving ourselves intense pleasure just by touch. I’m amazed at just how many erogenous zones we have found that give us  pleasure to the point of orgasm, even for me on the odd occasion. Even without me reaching the Big ‘O’ I can come(sorry!) away feeling very satisfied…even though I get the ache ‘down below’😊

My next step is contact the sexual support services of ProstateCancerUK for advice.

Posted 13 May 2023 at 22:17

My consultant told me that he does not recommend any treatment until the PSA rises above 0.1. I am not sure if this applies only to men who have had prostatectomies, as I did.

 'Physics is like sex: sure, it may give some practical results, but that’s not why we do it.'                    Richard Feynman (1918-1988) Nobel Prize laureate



Posted 14 May 2023 at 19:10
I do count myself as fortunate as things have returned basically to what they were albeit accepting that I'm 8 yrs older than I was when treatment started. As far as I'm aware I'm just still a bit too tired thanI'd like and carrying a little bit more weight but not too bad. Obviously things can change. I read the issues that many have and feel for them. HT/RT is the only treatment I had.


Posted 15 May 2023 at 20:01

Hi Decho, sorry to hear about the problems. I totally get the GP situation and to be honest the aftercare and knowing that I'm going to have to try and contact a GP is already winding me up. Good to hear that you're feeling good though. Thanks for the emergency list, looks like I'll be doing a bit of shopping soon. Have a great time in fuerteventura, hope the weather's good for you.

All the best


Posted 15 May 2023 at 22:01

Thanks Ian, I’m pleased to report that the side effects from the RT have now gone and I’m feeling great, in fact I’ve never felt better. Today I did a 38 mile ride on my ebike and my legs have never felt stronger. I’ve still got some aching joints and a wonky Willy from the HT…and still heard nothing from my GP which is VERY disappointing. The Pyronie’s disease worries me and I need to get an answer.

i know different people have different reactions to Radiotherapy, and I know I’m not out of the woods yet, but I never thought I would be this far on at this stage. I have no evidence to support this but I have kept so active and busy during and after the RT and I have convinced myself that this has helped. This morning I felt a bit tired before I set out so I took it easy on the bike, but I always plan my route via a coffee shop and once I’d had my shot of caffeine for the day I felt much better and  bursting with energy, so really enjoyed the ride along the Union canal.
I do need to lose a few pounds…I found that I was absolutely ravenous following the RT sessions and just couldn’t stop munching. We’ll be doing lots of walking and cycling in Fuerteventura which will help.

it’s good that you’re only having HT for 3 months rather than 3 years.The HT has definitely been worse than the RT in my case. Do you have a date for your RT yet?

Take care,


Posted 16 May 2023 at 19:37

Hi Derek

I know from this forum how lucky I am to be only having 3 months of HT. I am having 4 Prostap jabs, the second of which is next Friday. RT planning is on 26th June and then 20 days of RT should be around middle to end of August. Another thing I am grateful for is the jabs being in the arm rather than the stomach, which I was slightly concerned about. One of the guys at Maggie's has been through this and his diagnosis was almost identical to mine. He had 3m of HT then 20 days of RT then a few weeks later was on testosterone injections.. No problems since treatment ended. I am hoping that I will follow a similar path. I think that you have hit the nail on the head regarding getting as fit as possible before treatment and keeping it up during and after. Unfortunately the only thing I don't mind doing is walking which I have always done so am now just increasing the daily distance and the speed, hopefully this will be enough although she who must be obeyed is now looking at gym membership for us.😞

Hope you have some joy with the GP soon.

All the best.


Posted 20 May 2023 at 06:17

2 weeks on from finishing RT and feeling great. I would say bowels more or less back to normal and my confidence that I can control them is back. Still have some urinary poor flow issues at night but other than that I’m feeling much better than I expected at this stage.

Off to Fuerteventura today and not nervous about the 4.5 hour flight at all. Will take my  MacMillan cancer card just in case.

I still haven’t heard back from my GP, went to the surgery again on Wednesday and they had NO record of my email. Different receptionist this time told me to write a note and leave it which I did…still nothing.  Before and during my RT I couldn’t fault the treatment I have had…but the aftercare totally sucks! Nobody seems to want to know😟
comparing this with a friend whose not long had RARP and has had really good aftercare and had his post op  checkup with his surgeon this week. I’ve felt  for some time that those of us on the HT/RT route are treated like second class ‘passengers’, which I think is totally unfair given that we have up to 3 years of treatment to endure.

Anyway todays a good day and looking forward to some time in the sun(shade😎)…lots of walking and cycling….and a few sangrias watching the world go by😊


Posted 20 May 2023 at 12:57

Thanks for keeping us informed, alway interesting and informed.

As it happens I have my Brachytherapy pre-op consult on Monday and my external RT initial consult next Friday.

So here I go......... 


Posted 22 May 2023 at 20:16

I had a very i informative and empathetic phone call from the PCUK Sexual Health Specialist Nurse today, who despite me being in Fuerteventura, took a lot of time to listen to my feelings and explain to me why and what I should do next. She was saying that not only those on the RT/HT route feel there is a lack of support for sexual health.

I explained to her about what I suspect may be the start of Peyronie’s disease which really concerned me as I have another 2 years of this HT to cope with. She gave me a lot of good advice about the way forward which I am going to follow…

1. Contact my GP Surgery and request an urgent face to face appointment….when I get back home. I need an examination to see if it is Peyronie’s disease.

2. Start Penile Rehab ASAP whether or not this is the case..this may involve a combination of medication and using a vacum pump. I got a very good response from iMedicare informing me of what they thought would be the best option for me. If necessary I will just buy this myself if my GP won’t prescribe…even though I don’t think I should have to! The PCUK Specialist Nurse told me to contact her for further info if needed.

So….onwards and upwards(hopefully!) as they say.

I can’t express how good it was to talk to someone who understood my feelings and offer some practical help.

Feeling good….journey out here was no problem despite the French trying their best to disrupt travel!😡


Posted 23 May 2023 at 03:09

Any help with sexual health on the NHS seems very patchy. Certainly in my trust sexual health clinics are over stretched. I was told I could expect an appointment in March, still waiting. They won't prescribe Cialis or Tadalafil for rehabilitation and although prescribed sildenafil, if I want more I have to keep going back to the DR.

In my trust it's self help or no help. So the very best of luck. If you buy a pump you can claim the VAT back. Use mine twice daily.

Posted 04 Jun 2023 at 13:19

Well exactly 1 month since finishing RT and things seem to have settled down nicely. Bowels have returned to normal with no ‘scary’ moments and I’m definitely not getting up to pee as often at night. Flow rate seems better now especially during night where I did struggle a bit at first. I am feeling a bit tired at times but part of that is down to the hot weather…I’ve been on holiday in Fuerteventura for the past 2 weeks. Generally feeling great and managed a 30 mile ebike ride this week and also a bike ride up round our local valcano(distinct🤣) …I actually find this really good exercise as it’s easier on the joints than walking although we’ve done quite a bit of that as well.

Still a bit concerned about the brown spots that appeared in my groin and scrotum, and also about Pyronies disease so will TRY and get a face to face with my GP when I get home.

Posted 04 Jun 2023 at 13:41

I started to notice that and spoke with a urologist at a support group. He said I needed to ask for a referral to a Peyronie's specialist, but meanwhile make good use of the pump. I did just over a month of 2 x 15mins/day with the pump, and that fixed the Peyronie's. It was some time after that the specialist appointment came through, and he turned out not to know anything much about Peyronie's, so just as well I'd done it myself.

Posted 04 Jun 2023 at 15:46

Thanks Andy, when I emailed Darren from iMedicare he recommended SOMACorrect Xtra NHS code 15111..is this the pump you used? I think I might have to go ahead myself and buy it myself as getting an appointment is very difficult.

Posted 04 Jun 2023 at 17:38

I have the bog-standard SOMAerect Response II.

The SOMAcorrect is the same I think, but comes with additional narrower tubes to hold the penis straight. I didn't have or need these - mine was more narrowing than bending (called hour-glass deformity). I think you can buy the extra tubes separately to add to the SOMAerect, but if you don't have the pump in the first place, it makes sense to get the SOMAcorrect if you have Peyronie's.

You could try asking your GP to prescribe it - it is available on the NHS, but they might not be prepared to do so with a consultant's say so.

Posted 04 Jun 2023 at 19:56

Hi Decho,

I was prescribed the Soma Correct after a referral from the E.D. Clinic (just as part of penile rehabilitation, rather than because of Peyronie's Disease) but your G.P. may be willing to prescribe it without a referral from them.

Best wishes,


Posted 29 Jun 2023 at 18:23

Well today was both interesting and infuriating!
I decided that if I wait for the NHS to take action on what I believe was Peyronie’s disease it would be too late …and today this was confirmed. It is so important to me to have sexual function back that I decided to go private a pay for a consultation at the Spire Murrayfield who specialises in Peyronies.. And it was money very well spent! He was excellent and confirmed that if I had gone through the NHS, urology would probably have referred me to him anyway and I would have got an appointment…..after at least a year!
I showed him my photo of my wonky Willy(he was pleased I had them, I think it’s best to delete them from my phone now🤣🤣🤣!) and then he examined me and straight away confirmed that I had scar tissue at the base of my penis. He could feel it through my flaccid member …I said I had tried to check for it but didn’t know the correct way to do it so he guided me and yes, I could feel it too.

He mentioned surgery but said this couldn’t be done until the disease was stable, I am still at the active phase. He also said the success rate is not that good. TBH I am not really interested in surgery anyway. He then explained about the physical devices that could be used from imedicare, firstly the somacorrect and also the ResponseX, which is a traction device and looks like something out of a torture chamber😱

I asked about a collagenase/Xiapex injection which was on his profile and had great success rates. He said yes, but the company that manufactures them has pulled all stock from Europe, so not an option I am afraid.

now for the bit that made me REALLY angry😡 Having read on this site about people getting pumps on the NHS he said….yes, if you have Prostate Cancer and are being treated for ED,  you can be prescribed the Somaerect, but as this is Peyronie’s disease, the Somacorrect is NOT available on Prescription in Scotland! 
So if I’d had RARP I would have got the treatment I needed to help with sexual function(I don’t have any at the moment as it’s too painful)  on the NHS, but because I have Peyronie’s disease I can’t get it…they have tried for other patients! So I have 2 choices…

1. I either pay £700 from my own pocket to buy the devices
2. I quite possibly lose my sexual function for evermore.

I’ve been back in touch with imedicare(who have been excellent) and am going to have a video consultation with them. I will see what they say about getting them on the NHS. I’m also going back to my GP once he has received the letter from the consultant and put pressure on him. If I don’t have any joy I will just have to take the hit on my wallet and buy it myself.

Those of us on HT/RT have so much to deal with  the side effects that affect our QOL and I am doing SO much to try and overcome these…I knew impotence was a a possibility and can accept that, but when there’s treatment available that could help restore my sexual function , which is available and does help those who have surgery and have ED,  but similar treatments are not available for those with Peyronie’s disease, almost certainly caused by HT/RT, it does seem a tad unfair.

Sorry for the rant…I will keep you posted

Posted 29 Jun 2023 at 19:08

Hi Decho,

I'm sorry to hear of your problems getting treatment for Peyronie's disease.

I know that you're in Scotland and that you've had radiotherapy, not surgery.  I'm in England and was provided with the Soma Correct device from the NHS after Prostatectomy.  However, I was surprised that you seem to have been quoted £700 to buy it privately (or did you mean to buy both the SomaCorrect and the Response X?).  I understood that the Soma Correct costs about £300 (from iMedicare, I believe).   I haven't developed Peyronie's disease (yet?) and I've been using it for about 8 months.  I hope this information helps, but if I've misunderstood your situation, please accept my apologies.

Hope you can get a satisfactory solution.

Best wishes,


Posted 29 Jun 2023 at 19:16
Worth checking the NHS Scotland prescribing guidelines ... in England, men are entitled to a vacuum device if they have ED as a result of prostate cancer or the treatment of prostate cancer - it doesn't specify RP or exclude RT (although it is true that many GPs don't seem to realise that men on HT/RT should be referred to ED clinic)
"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Soren Kierkegaard

Posted 29 Jun 2023 at 19:21

The following post is based on my experience in England, guidelines in Scotland may be different.

When you read medical guidelines you should read them as if you were a solicitor, not a medic or a patient. I learnt this from an old man who blagged his way into jumping the queue for a heart bypass. I won't go into his story, and I won't pass any moral judgement on him or anyone else.

In England if you have cancer or are suffering from the symptoms of cancer treatments, you can have free prescriptions for five years. (In Scotland and Wales everyone gets free prescriptions anyway)

During HT, I didn't have much libido or erections, but there were times when they would have been useful. My GP was happy to prescribe Viagra (and other pde-5s) before I finished HT: though they weren't very effective.

Post treatment erections were not very strong, but pde-5s were now effective. As a result I am still prescribed pde-5s. My free prescription card expired this year, but as I am still prescribed medicine for the effects of cancer treatment it was renewed without question. Which means I get all my other prescriptions free. The only problem is that I don't actually have any other health problems (I'm not a yorkshireman, but lived there long enough to pick up some of their habits, like complaining when I'm not getting something for free, even if it is because I'm in good health).

Derrick, the important thing is your ED and Peyronie's disease is caused by cancer treatment. Just because RARP is a common cause of ED, it doesn't exclude you from being treated for HT induced ED and Peyronie's, unless the Scottish guidelines explicitly state it is only for RARP patients.

Edit: just seen Lyn's post, same as mine but much more concise.


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Posted 29 Jun 2023 at 20:53

Thanks all for the support, I don’t like moaning because I feel I should be grateful for hopefully having my cancer cured. But like many others on this forum and despite my (young?) age, having a sex life is important to me and my wife. Ok we can still pleasure each other and it’s very nice, but penetration is just not possible and unless I get this fixed it never will be.

Darren(not sure if I’m  allowed to mention his name?) from imedicare has been so helpful and knows my consultant well and says he is excellent. The consultant took so much time to explain things to me…but I guess that’s to be expected if you’re paying for it?

Jedsee, the £700 was for both devices and the consultant did say I might get a discount for bulk buying LOL
also I believe you can claim back VAT but not sure what hoops you have to jump through to do that.

I get my next prostap next Thursday so will ask the CNS…and I might pop into Maggies tomorrow for a chat…I always come out feeling better from there.

I am not giving up on this…yet!

Posted 29 Jun 2023 at 20:59

On a more positive note, this week I have started a new regime of exercise: Swimming, Gym, basic Pilates and EPSOM salt baths. Still doing the walking and cycling as well but maybe will cut down the the mileage on my ebike.
Its very early days yet but the aching joints do seem to be a bit better….long May it continue🤞

Posted 29 Jun 2023 at 23:53

Not paying VAT will be very easy. I had to organise a stair lift for a relative. After specifying everything, an invoice came through the post with a very brief form which more or less said "I declare this stair lift is for medical reasons, and I haven't just bought it for fun.", just one signature: no VAT.

I'm sure imedicare will have exactly the same procedure. It may be more difficult at your local branch of strapons-r-us.

Read all of this thread before you make any decisions.




Posted 03 Jul 2023 at 09:36

Well you learn something new every day! When I was at my Maggies Goup on Friday I was telling the group about my experience with the consultant at Spire, Murrayfield  and Peyronie’s (Wonky Willy) disease. the Specialist running the Group asked me if I had any problems with my hands. I asked ‘Why?’ And then it all added up!

Whilst I was lying on the bench with my shorts and knickers at my ankles and exposed to world  the consultant asked me to show me the palms of my hands and he proceeded to rub his thumb over them. I thought to myself ‘Eh? What’s going on here, It’s my Willy that has the problem. Does he know where it is?’. I really should have asked him why he was doing this but I just wanted him to get on with the more intimate part of the examination.

Anyway it turns out those with Carpal Tunnel syndrome(which affects the hands) are more prone to Peyronie’s disease!🤣🤣🤣

Posted 03 Jul 2023 at 09:55

Haha .. 😂 .. as the song says “the hand bone’s connected to the Willy bone”

At least, I think that’s how it goes 🤔😁

Cheers Decho


Posted 06 Jul 2023 at 21:31

Well today marks a milestone, exactly ONE year on PROSTAP and I had my next injection. The CNS looked up my file and said ‘I see you’ve to be on this until May 2025!’ 😟 Oh well, let’s not dwell on it, much better to just get on with  life and be proactive in tackling the side effects.

Today was a happy day for me, I bought a basketball hoop for my 7 year old grandson who has suddenly become a fanatic like his mum and dad, an I can’t wait to see his smiling face when he sees it in the back garden….need to build it up first though!

The joint ache and stiffness is still there, but as recommended, I have started swimming and that DOES make a HUGE difference…it really does ease it, and now when I get into the pool I can actually swim quite well, a lot slower than before but quite acceptable. I made the mistake of going to the pool early afternoon today and it was full of screaming kids having a great time  on their summer holidays. Fortunately they still have the 3 swimming lanes so was able to do 30 lengths as well as some water aerobics. Also going regularly to the gym to try and build up my muscles. Tomorrow I’m out on my ebike so I KNOW that will be a happy day…as long as it doesn’t rain!

One of the guys in my Maggies Grouo was sent to see a specialist about his joint ache and he was prescribed something called DermaCool. It contains 5% menthol and he says it’s made a big difference. I ordered some online so will see if it helps, anyone else ever used this? I’ve used Mineral Ice before(discovered it in the USA) which contains 2% menthol and you can certainly feel a difference so it will be interesting to test out this product as it’s much cheaper.

Posted 13 Jul 2023 at 19:16

Well, today I’m the proud owner of a Somacorrect Xtra vacuum device courtesy of the NHS. It took a bit of effort on my part, including paying a consultation fee to a private specialist who diagnosed my Peyronie’s disease. The letter to the GP persuaded my GP to write a prescription for me and iMedicare were also VERY helpful in giving me the advice note to get the correct items.

Onwards and Upwards(Hopefully🤞🤞🤞)

Posted 13 Jul 2023 at 22:32

Since I use my pump therapeutically, I spend the 10-15 minutes of 'pump time' catching up on the latest posts on here...

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Posted 14 Jul 2023 at 20:17

Hi Decho,

That's brilliant news.  Get pumping!

Best wishes,


Posted 28 Jul 2023 at 09:30

Well, back out in Fuerteventura for a couple of weeks to try and take my mind off the forthcoming PSA test on the 14th, 3 months after finishing RT and my Onco appointment on 23rd. Oh, and it’s nice to escape the dreadful Scottish Weather. Corralejo is just such a chilled and vibrant place, great for relaxing.
And the pump came with me in my hand luggage. I watched my bag carefully as it went through the scanner…..will it go right😱 or will it go straight on😊? Well it went straight on(phew!) but I had already worked out what I was going to say if the asked. “I’ve got a wonky Willy and it’s a correction device, I’ll demonstrate if you like but you might get embarrassed!”.🤣🤣🤣 I’m going to have to learn to say that in Spanish for the return journey, mind you they are so miserable at security I doubt they’d find it funny!😟

The vacuum pump has already started to make a difference. Too early to see whether it’s helping with Peyronie’s, but I’ve definitely notice a difference in size in my flaccid state….and it feels more alive! The pump is really easy to use and clean, I do it every morning unless there’s something more ‘fun’ on the agenda.

Grandsons arrive next Wednesday for a week with their dad so planning a very busy schedule…water park, wildlife park, glass bottom boat, beach and so on. Grandchildren just make your life SO complete.

Posted 31 Jul 2023 at 16:13

Hi Decho

Good to hear you have finally made some progress in sorting out the Peyronie issue. Have a great time with the grandkids and best of luck with the PSA result.



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