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Travel insurance company

Posted 11 July 2017 16:48:38(UTC)
Hi all I have posted about hubby on another conversation but want to ask about travel insurance . He has had scan results today and PC contained no spread anyway we have Annual insurance .Last week I contacted them and they ask if spread I said don't know until today .They said they need to know so would contact me today .I rang them hubby answered questions they say have to ask underwriters rand back said no ! Why did they not say in the beginning I have gone mad I even said I would pay extra they say they will continue to cover other medical but not PC .Hes on HT started today then RT in about 3 months hospital happy for travel and said give letter but insurance won't budge . Hubby says let them exclude it and stay with them advice please .is this a bad move ? Also stupid question but I'm looking on travel insurance sites one question is Are you currently on a waiting list for treatment or investigations as hubby has been told he will be having RT in 3/4 months time is that classed as a waiting list ? Or not Answering yes doubles the price
Posted 11 July 2017 19:37:51(UTC)

Have you tried Insurewith.com? If you go to the Macmillian site they have a list of companies that people have recommend, just put a search in Travel insurance, the first page is 2014 but if you go to the last page there are more recent recommendations. Hope this helps

Posted 11 July 2017 19:46:10(UTC)
Thank you I went on compare the market and found one that's with the company I'm with phoned company they say yes but when you go through it won't cover PC so I clicked on buy it still offered cover .Only thing is if I put yes on waiting list they don't offer quote so I want to know hubby having treatment in 3/4 months but no date given that's not a waiting list is it ? .i have emailed them the quote I understood a waiting list as being you move up a list when waiting for something like an op or a house .
Posted 11 July 2017 20:36:27(UTC)

Sometimes banks provide free cover as one of the perks of having an account with them or offer cheap insurance. My bank gave a lower quote than any other insurer last year and I tried quite a number. This was for a two week cruise visiting ports as far as St Petersberg. I did carry my own risk on PCa though (as I have always done). PCa is generally slow growing and holidays can be arranged to avoid critical times. However, if/when PCa advances to a certain point where urgent intervention might be a possibility, I would pay extra for the cover.

Posted 12 July 2017 08:05:13(UTC)
Thank you as I said started Hormones last night and nurse defer injection till back from hols so staying on tablets hubby has no aches and pains other than normal ones a 66 year old man gets from time to time and working full time so he is happy to go with out cover for the PC it's just me fretting that he might have side effects from HT .
Posted 12 July 2017 10:15:08(UTC)
Just to update our travel insures say it's because we on Annual policy so can't cover so I have had Annual policy refunded and bought single trip with everything covered cost me extra £36 so pleased .
Posted 12 July 2017 10:18:34(UTC)

He has treatment scheduled for a few months time; the delay is part of the treatment protocol, so he is NOT on a waiting list, he is 'active treatment' (even if not much is happening yet!)

Nationwide do a great travel insurance policy: there will be an extra charge (rather than free), but it's pretty competitive - if you have any account with them.

If he's having HT by injection, he WILL have side effects, such as fatigue, hot flushes and night sweats (they are close to universal). But they're no reason not to carry on living, quite the reverse!

-- Andrew --

"I intend to live forever, or die trying" - Groucho Marx
Posted 12 July 2017 12:29:30(UTC)
Thanks for reply he's on tablets for 4 weeks as nurse thought better option to delay injection while we away then injection plus anothe 2 weeks tablets then just monthly injections . We are just relieved it hadn't spread but know there's still a long road to tread bless him . Even though his PSA was only 6.4 we still worried and the added stress with travel insurance wasn't good . We were told about tiredness etc Dr said to him but like the me pause your wife went through years ago at which my hubby laughed .Anyway onwards and upwards your support on here's brilliant .Any tips for me on how to cope with side effects of HT although we are on hols soon so can chill .
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