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Introduce yourself and find instructions, FAQs and contact info.
241 conversations
Announcements and talk about the site
34 conversations


For those not diagnosed
281 conversations
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Discussion of benign prostate conditions
54 conversations
Get help understanding your diagnosis, test results and options
483 conversations


Treatment or surveillance of cancer confined to the prostate, including surgery and radiotherapy.
614 conversations
Treatment of cancer that has spread to other parts of the body.
806 conversations
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Managing incontinence, ED, and other effects of treatment
337 conversations

Living with prostate cancer

Staying strong by living healthy
132 conversations
Dealing with the impact on our personal lives
144 conversations
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Tips and advice for navigating day-to-day life
77 conversations
Getting to grips with feelings about cancer
107 conversations
Support and discussion of end-of-life issues
53 conversations
For family, friends and loved ones
146 conversations

General discussion

Meetups and everything off-topic
140 conversations
What you're doing for the cause, and ways to get involved.
65 conversations
Links and discussion of studies and trials
84 conversations
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Discuss official guidance on treatment by the NHS and private sector
46 conversations
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Share your good news and inspiring stories
238 conversations

Specific groups

For men with prostate cancer who are either still employed or who have not yet reached state pension age
33 conversations
For African and African Caribbean men with prostate cancer
3 conversations
For men who have sex with men and also have prostate cancer.
13 conversations
For transgender women with prostate cancer
8 conversations
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