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Prostap (Leuprorelin ) Depot Injection

Posted 28 November 2017 19:16:53(UTC)


I am new to the forum. I have just started my Prostap Depot injection treatment when my PSA is rising again after years of taking Bicalutamide 150mg on its own. I wonder if anyone who had been on Prostap or still on Prostap would share their experience of long term use of the drug on its own or with another ( like dexamethasone ) . So far the side effects I am having are hot flashes , some pain on injection site. Thanking you in advance.


Posted 29 November 2017 09:53:28(UTC)

Hello Strider and welcome.

Just bumping you in case your post gets missed

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Posted 29 November 2017 10:17:23(UTC)
Hi Strider
I have only been on Prostap 3 for 8 months but to date I have only noticed a bit of an ache around the injection site for about 48 hours, hot flushes and some back ache which might be nothing to do with it. To be fair the back pain has eased off during the last few weeks, but as I say this might be unrelated.
Hasn't really been a problem.

Hope this helps.
Posted 29 November 2017 12:34:11(UTC)

Hi Strider,

I have been on PROSTAP for 11 months now. I get hot flushes, a very sore and sometimes bruised injection site that lasts a few days, and I feel fatigued although some of that is due to working full time in a demanding job and getting up at 5.40 a.m. weekdays.


Hope this is useful,


Best wishes, Ian

Posted 04 December 2017 10:36:13(UTC)

Sorry for the late reply, I have just found the response to my question. Thanks very much to those of you who have shared their experiences with Prostap. I take that you only have or had Prostap on its own. Did your PSA gone down very quickly after you have started Prostap ? My blood test 3 weeks after my 1st Prostap only showed a small drop in my PSA level. I am eagerly awaiting for my 2nd test ( in a fornight ) for the result after my 2nd injection.

Thanks very much for sharing.

Best Wishes,


Posted 04 December 2017 13:16:41(UTC)
Hi, I’ve just had my 3rd PROSTAP injection today. My PSA was 1138 24 weeks ago, dropped since 72 - 13 - 21 - 17. I had hot flushes for first month but acupuncture seems to have that under control.

Regards A
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