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Posted 03 December 2017 23:14:51(UTC)

I completed a successful course of prostate cancer treatment last July. In May this year I started intermittent rectal bleeding and an endoscopy showed it was telangiectasia caused by radiotherapy. "Very common".

Ive had two hospital appointments since the endoscopy both of about 3 minutes duration, neither involving any treatment or medication. My oncologist said she'd had one patient who had this for 4 years and it cleared up without intervention.

Does anyone else have this condition. Is there any practical guidance for day to day living?

Posted 04 December 2017 17:53:06(UTC)

Hi Alastair,

I think I have this too, though couldn't put a name to it.

I have the same symptoms since finishing RT 8 weeks ago.

I checked out telangiectasia/spider veins on Wikipedia and recognised the symptom in the picture, but I had these on my scrotum.

On just checking, I notice the number must have doubled since RT.

If someone had told me I would be disclosing info like this a year ago, I wouldn't have believed them. All in the aid of science and PCa !



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