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Loaded with cold

Posted 17 December 2017 11:36:06(UTC)


My OH is on his 2nd Prostap injection (3 month one) with a view to 4 weeks radiotherapy around March time - he is loaded with the cold and got a bit of sinusitis - is it ok for him to take berocca (lots of vitamin c and B to give him a helping hand?)

Gleason 7 - 3+4 T2c/indirect T3 TO N0 M0 no seminal vesicle involvement but possibility of it breaching capsule.


He is tolerating Prostap well apart from he usual flushes that he says he can put up with bless him.


Many thanks!


Posted 17 December 2017 17:20:17(UTC)

hello Jenny
Sorry to see that your husband is under the weather with a heavy cold.

Perhaps (since none of our "experts" have been able to answer you) it might be an idea to ring the nurses on this site since I would think you'd like to get the Vits C and B don him as quickly as possible

Hope he feels better soon

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