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Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Posted 24 July 2017 14:36:06(UTC)
Hi Everyone,
I'm new on here, the names John and I'm 68 years old,from Hornsea, East Yorkshire.I've just been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and after the initial shock was given a Gleason score of 3+3=6 and group grade one. As I understand it this low grade (low risk) prostate cancer. I will shortly be seeing a consultant who will advise me on the correct route to take. I assume which will be either monitoring or treatment. Anyway I will regularly look into this forum which I'm sure is full of helpful advice and re-assurance, and in return I will do my utmost to offer helpful advice and re-assurance to others with similar concerns.
Posted 24 July 2017 14:58:20(UTC)

Hello Yogiadobe and welcome to the site

I would think it quite likely that you will be offered Active Surveillance (Monitoring) with a Gleason of 6. Would you be happy with that or are you thinking you'd like to get it out of you ?

If you go to Publications on this site you can download the advice re the various treatments available and their possible physical and emotional side effects/.

We have a number of men on here who accepted AS,my own husband being one of them although he was only on it for a year.

If you can cope with PC inside you then AS does at least give you a breathing space to get your head around it all.

The only other advice I would give is to write your questions down before you go and try and write the answers. Also take somebody with you if you can because there will be a lot to take in.

I'm sure others will be along to advise you. Best Wishes


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