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Cheshire Chris's Treatment Thread

Posted 19 Oct 2022 at 21:33

Excellent, Dave! The melodeon is my usual weapon of choice 😁.



Posted 19 Oct 2022 at 21:37

That makes good reading.  Great result! All the best, Peter

Posted 25 Dec 2022 at 12:12
Just wanted to wish everyone here a very Merry Christmas, and hopes for a good 2023. I would have struggled to get through my cancer diagnosis and treatment without the support of this forum - you all mean a lot to me.

Very best wishes,


Posted 25 Dec 2022 at 12:21
All the best Chris, and many thanks for your sound advice too. Nick πŸ‘πŸŽ„
Posted 25 Dec 2022 at 23:23

Thanks Chris your advice as been a major help to many including me merry Christmas gaz πŸ‘

Posted 26 Jan 2023 at 03:04

Originally Posted by: Online Community Member
Good luck CC...
Glad to hear you are still enjoying a bit of my farming CJ..

My latest toy is an amazing little drone I had as a 45 year long service present, I use it to check my sheep on my "retirement farm". Another great distraction from PSA anxiety.

While reading this good thread, I noticed your post. It's good that we can find ways to deal with anxiety - this is a big step towards a successful recovery.

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Posted 03 Apr 2023 at 19:38
Had my 4th annual thorax + abdomen CT scan with contrast marker (which makes me extremely nauseous) at Arrowe Park Hospital on the Wirral on 9th March as routine follow-up for my kidney cancer. A somewhat nerve-wracking three and a half week wait for the scan to be reported, but got the "all clear" phone call this morning. Arrowe Park operate an excellent "self-care" programme for kidney cancer patients, and the Macmillan nurses who run it are wonderful.

So that's another one ticked off the list. Six-monthly PSA test in a fortnight πŸ™‚.


Posted 03 Apr 2023 at 19:50

Good news Chris very pleased for you hope psa remains stable all the best gaz πŸ‘

Posted 03 Apr 2023 at 20:32

Great news Chris, hope the PSA result is equally as good.

Take care.


Posted 03 Apr 2023 at 21:16
Really pleased to hear that Chris and likewise I hope your PSA test brings you good news.
Posted 03 Apr 2023 at 22:49
Epic news Chris. I hate the scans and waits.
Posted 04 Apr 2023 at 09:01

Great news Chris. Hope the PSA test is just as good πŸ‘


Posted 04 Apr 2023 at 09:32

That’s great news Chris.  Hope your PSA test result is good news too.

Ange x

Posted 04 Apr 2023 at 17:22

Great news Chris. 


Posted 04 Apr 2023 at 18:54

Good news.  Good luck with the psa test.

Posted 20 Apr 2023 at 13:44
Got my latest PSA results today and I'm slightly concerned. My test history is:

2.0: Oct 19

1.4: Apr 20

1.5: Oct 20

1.5: Mar 21

1.2: Oct 21

1.3: Jan 22

1.2: Apr 22

1.0: Oct 22

1.2: Apr 23

Do you think this rise from 1.0 to 1.2 is any cause for worry? I know it's not much of a rise, but it does reverse the downward trend of the last couple of years.

Posted 20 Apr 2023 at 13:53

Understand the concern. Maybe have another in 3 months as ideally ~3 data points are needed to really start to identify a trend. What is your doctors view?

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Posted 20 Apr 2023 at 16:30

Sorry to read this Chris, I’m really not sure what to make of your PSA readings. Hope your medical staff can explain.

Best wishes to you.


Posted 20 Apr 2023 at 16:45

My PSA was certain to increase from its nadir value at some point, and it is now over four years since I finished my RT, and I still have a prostate, so my rational mind is saying that this is nothing to be concerned about, but the emotional part still worries! We’ll see what the specialist cancer nurse has to say when I have my telephone consultation on 3rd May. 

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Posted 20 Apr 2023 at 19:44

Hi Chris,  If it was me I'd think it's a small rise. Was the previous reading the exception at 1.0.  I had what looks like a rogue reading at a lower level.  Slow is good anyway.  There's nothing definitive with yours I'd think. Regards Peter

Posted 20 Apr 2023 at 19:59

Hi Cheshire Chris,

If I'm reading your historic PSA results correctly, you seem to have a pattern similar to "two steps forward, one step back".  You have had some big drops in the earlier results and then a slight increase before it resumes its downward trajectory.  The rate of decline has slowed, but overall, it still seems to be downwards (?).  But I understand that any rise is unwelcome and a potential worry.  The need for regular PSA testing is like a Big Wheel that we can't ever get off.  

I hope the latest result is a blip.

Best wishes,


Posted 20 Apr 2023 at 19:59

Cheers, Peter. I suspect you’re right - my PSA was steady at 1.2 for 18 months prior to the 1.0 reading. When I have my phone consultation I’m going to ask if I can have another test in 3 months rather than 6 just for peace of mind.



Posted 20 Apr 2023 at 22:36
I don't think you should be concerned - since you stopped HT, your PSA has gone higher than this and then come back down again. You only need to worry if it starts creeping towards 3.0
"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Soren Kierkegaard

Posted 21 Apr 2023 at 00:10
Sounds like everything should be fine Chris from the other posts. I think it’s just normal to worry at every change though unless it’s downward πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ good luck with your appointment and hope you get the reassurance from it x
Posted 21 Apr 2023 at 07:05
Thanks, all. Over four years now since I finished treatment, but the anxiety when it comes to waiting for test results never goes away πŸ™.


Posted 10 May 2023 at 20:00
I had my follow-up phone consultation a few days ago with the specialist cancer nurse from the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, and she didn't seem at all concerned about the small rise in PSA. Said it was well within the range of random variations. So I'll try not to worry about it!

Posted 10 May 2023 at 20:14

Sounds about right and hopefully it’s given you reassurance for the interim. 

I found it’s not the numbers that should really be the worry but the trending. Fingers crossed for the next set of bloods and that they reflect just usual fluctuations etc

My butt twitches like a rabbits nose every time I have a PSA. I think this is to be expected given what’s on the line.


Posted 10 May 2023 at 23:45
Great news Chris πŸ‘
Posted 17 May 2023 at 09:05

That’s good news Chris. 


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