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Posted 22 May 2014 15:03:51(UTC)
Hi all
We have often spoken of having a separate section for a discussion of benefits. I'd like to start one.

For men with incurable cancer it is possible that they may be entitled to PIP or Attendance Allowance (age dependant not means tested) especially if a doctor or oncologist will supply a form called a DS1500. This form states that a life expectancy of six months or less is possible. This form doesn't mean that a doctor thinks you have less than 6 months to live but simply that you have an illness where if you did die within 6 months, it would not be unexpected. This is true for anyone with mets because who knows what the future will bring. If you get a DS1500 then it is a fast track to a weekly payment (can't remember the amount). What you need to know is that this form has a three year renewal time and we are on our second. So don't be afraid of it. This money will help you to meet the additional costs of having an incurable cancer. Don't be shy, ask the DWP, your doctor, your hospice nurse, the Citizens Advice Bureau or even your specialist nurse.

I'd like people to know this exists as it makes a huge difference for those of us in this position.

There is plenty of advice out there for help in completing the form, which is pretty daunting, but a DS 1500 means that at least some of the form does not need completing.

The second benefit that may apply is the mobility allowance at the higher rate. This allowance is a little more difficult to get as it does require a level of disability to be present. Many men with advanced prostate cancer will meet the requirements and this benefit allows you to get a car under the motability scheme. It is I operant when filling this form in to take advice as mentioned above,

The next important benefit is the Blue. Badge scheme. This is given by councils if you have e benefits mentioned above and a form can be obtained from your local council or on line. This is a hugely important benefit for many of our men, it means that they will have the space they need to get in and out of the car.

There is also a scheme for getting your prescriptions free (I think they are free if you are over 60) but I am pretty sure that a cancer diagnosis also confers this benefit.

I am sure there are others but wanted to start this thread off for any newcomers who may need some information on this subject.

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