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A Fresh Start

Posted 20 March 2016 21:24:10(UTC)
Go for it Steve,
Ok so maybe you won't be competing but the photos are just as important. Look forward to pics on fb. My post to you about the 8lb baby was just meant to be frivolous and I totally understand not having someone to chat to at home, Trevor never discusses anything , never has and never will. But hey that is what the forum is for.
Posted 21 March 2016 20:54:40(UTC)


Julie, I totally support you mentioning childbirth on this thread.  You made a very valid point.  A Cystoscopy is very minor in comparison and I would never suggest it was anything else.  I think the reason I was apprehensive is because I'd never experienced one before. 

When I was covering the space programme the astronauts always used to say that you fear the unknown.  They were trained so well that they knew how they would deal with any problem that cropped up because they had dealt with those same problems, hundreds of times, in simulators during training.  They did not have the fear, you or I, would have had.

I think now having had a Cystoscopy, I wouldn't be concerned if I had to have one again.  The only problem I have found is that since I had it last Friday, I have been leaking urine and at times when I start to think I need to have a pee, I can't hold back.  I seem to have lost control a bit.  I may have to use pads for a while.  Perhaps my muscles have just been strained a bit by the procedure.  Has anyone else had the same problem after having it done?

Chris, you mentioned about me putting people to shame by volunteering for a few things.  I'm sure this isn't the case, some people are not in a position to do this type of thing.  It's just that I have found that getting involved has made me feel more positive about things and has certainly helped with my biggest problem (depression) far more than therapy or medications.  I did forget to mention that, last Friday, before my Cystoscopy, I helped for several hours on a Prostate Awareness stand in one of our shopping centres.  Also, I've just been voted onto the committee of our local Prostate Cancer Support Group.  As least I'm trying to do some good and I do feel better for it.

Anyway, I must have a sleep now before doing some more processing work.


Posted 21 March 2016 22:48:06(UTC)

Steve, when John was being investigated because the doc said his flow was slow and incomplete he suggested the camera to see what was what and also said that if it was a mild stricture then the camera might stretch it a bit.

:Perhaps it's possible that's what happened in your case? Just a thought. If it did then maybe when it settles it will shrink back a bit and you can hold on better

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