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After biopsy

Posted 14 July 2016 06:48:50(UTC)
I am due to have a biopsy soon and was wondering if afterwards how long I need to wait before playing golf. If anyone can help would be greatful
Posted 14 July 2016 09:42:15(UTC)

The biopsy itself shouldn't slow you down for more than a day or two: it feels like a big event, but it's basically a few small stab wounds!

HOWEVER, these wounds will continue to ooze blood for a few days. Not a lot, and I doubt a round of golf would make it worse, but loose blood in the rectum is an irritant, and may lead to unpredictable and loose bowel activity.

Affects some more than others; see how you feel.


-- Andrew --

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Posted 14 July 2016 09:48:17(UTC)

If you are having a TRUS biopsy which is performed via the anus and through the bowel lining , then most people would be able to golf the next day. Very little pain involved tbh. Some blood possible in urine and poo. Lots of blood in semen for 6 weeks. Biggest risk is infection but the antibiotics take care of that.
But if you are having a template biopsy under General anaesthetic it's a bit different. You will have some pain and soreness and bleeding ( and a bandage ) on the skin between your anus and testicles. It wasn't too bad either to be honest but hurt to sit a little. In my opinion you'd still be able to play golf a couple of days later. However remember you will have had anaesthetic and technically shouldn't drive for a fortnight !!
Good luck

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Posted 14 July 2016 10:28:47(UTC)

If it is a TRUS biopsy, you may find you can go straight from the hospital to the golf course - some men have none of the side effects described above.

John hadn't asked any questions beforehand and therefore expected no problems. He went from the biopsy straight to work, and then from work to rugby training. Very little blood except in semen.

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Posted 14 July 2016 16:21:46(UTC)

When I had the TRUS biopsy I was told not to garden nor play any tennis for 24 hours. I retuned to work the next day and had no problems whatsoever although I had a little blood in my semen.

Good luck.

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Posted 16 July 2016 18:24:35(UTC)

Remember being fascinated by the process and they showed me on the screen what they were doing . It wasn't pleasant , but it wasn't painful and didn't stop me doing anything the following day . Noticed a little blood , which soon disappeared .

'Good luck .

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Posted 16 July 2016 19:10:00(UTC)

Alan 48, I did the same with mine as well and also watched as they did a TURP ( Trans Uretheral Resection of the Prostate)last year that did not hurt either but was well weird.

Cheers Chris/Woody

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Posted 16 July 2016 20:39:32(UTC)

I was told not to garden for 7 months !! Well that's what I told Elaine anyway ;-))

If life gives you lemons , then make lemonade
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Posted 31 July 2016 20:25:44(UTC)

Lol, like your style chris

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