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Posted 03 Feb 2019 at 15:31

I am 3 months on from low dose permanent brachytherapy. I have had the usual radiation side effects of cystitis, proctitis, and others.

I have been on 400mg Tamsulosin but in the last weeks I have found the side effects to be to much, mainly wind ( bowel) and diarrhoea.

I tried to stop the Tamsulosin but found nightime flow was very slow.

So, since I am seeing my urologist on Tuesday next week I though I would ask about alternatives, and, since I have ED and have had for some years I thought I would ask about 5mg Tadalafil daily. 

Then I had a look at the NICE guidelines, it appears that it may be difficult to get on a daily basis ( I already get it on "as required" basis ).

I have read that it's another postcode lottery, any thoughts welcome.



Gleason 6 = 3+3 PSA 8.8 P. volume 48 cc Left Cores 3/3, Volume = 20% PSA 10.8 Feb '19 PSA 1.2 

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