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Posted 17 May 2016 21:53:29(UTC)
Dear All
I have recently been trying to obtain affordable travel insurance for Prostate Cancer, in my case Metastatic spread to bones.
The quotes I have received are astronomical,for a week in Europe they want over £1,000, but if I state the spread is only to lymph nodes it drops to below £100.
Plus, I have a great long term friend living in Dallas Texas who has invited me to stay,having not seen him for over 20 years. The quotes I have been given range from £3-4000, the flights are only £600. Again if I state the spread is to the lymph nodes, the quote drops to just over £100.
Anyone know why this is ? I do understand that there is a risk, but why are there such huge differences ?
Is there anyone out there that knows of any Insurance companies that are not out to rip me off ?
Regards To All
Posted 18 May 2016 04:21:20(UTC)

I have just used insurewith going to Canada for two weeks paid £170.00 which covers my metastatic cancer, an excess of 500pounds

last year they would not cover me so took out insurance excluding the cancer that cost me £170.00

did the form on line then doubled checked it with them on the phone

I think a lot may depend on whether your onco states you are fit to go


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Posted 18 May 2016 06:25:38(UTC)

I've just been insured with Boots travel insurance ( I think they may use insurewith stated above ). The whole family 2 weeks was £200. I so far knowingly only have spread to Lymphs though. The form was very easy to fill in if not long winded. Make a cuppa and give them a go.

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Posted 18 May 2016 06:32:42(UTC)
A friend of mine with PCa has used Mia travel insurance who he found very competitive and great to use.

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Posted 18 May 2016 08:02:14(UTC)

I think i would ask to exlude it if you feel confident you wont gey any PCa related problems while away


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Posted 18 May 2016 09:53:04(UTC)
As you are over 70 cover can be more expensive without complications so my experience is for me is 51 however I get free annual family cover via my packaged nat west account. To include prostate cancer it was £90 more for the whole year worldwide. All they wanted to know was 1) am I terminal, well that is only the case if your doctor has given up on you in Abbi etc has stopped working and 2) how often do you go to the onco, mine is 4 weekly.
Not sure how they will load for age but you may want to try similar with your bank.
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Posted 18 May 2016 13:17:38(UTC)
Hi Alan,
I have been looking this morning for annual worldwide travel insurance for myself and oh and have used the meerkat website, what amazed me was the massive difference in premiums anything up to £1200. The best for price was Virgin (also highly rated) and was about £240, this includes a premium of about £100 because of my Pca.
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Posted 19 May 2016 16:24:24(UTC)
Originally Posted by: Online Community Member

I think i would ask to exlude it if you feel confident you wont gey any PCa related problems while away


Usually this would be reasonable advice Bri but on this occasion, I think it is reckless. Spread to bone and spine, hormone resistant, failed chemo and now on Abby .... the risk of PCa problems developing is probably significant. All it would take is one fall and one broken bone and he will be facing thousands of ££££ in medical bills.

Aldee, I suspect the very high quote is because you want to include the USA. Have you looked for quotes excluding the States - perhaps you could meet your friend somewhere where meds are a bit cheaper?

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Posted 08 June 2016 14:51:08(UTC)

Hi Alan

Like you I was originally diagnosed with locally advanced prostate cancer and have sent you a private message.

                                                     Kind Regards


Posted 08 June 2016 19:34:30(UTC)

Originally Posted by: Online Community Member

I think i would ask to exlude it if you feel confident you wont gey any PCa related problems while away



It was a temptation for me to go down that route but I felt that in the event of a claim, the insurers would do their upmost

to prove a link with PCa with whatever illness I might have.


My travel insurance at present is an annual one with Direct Line. With the Americas excluded, it costs me about £600.

I found the quote for annual was little more than for a single trip.

A lot if you are just doing a single trip but I am trying to factor in a second long haul within the 12 month period so that it will cover what is essentially a trip per year rather than risk a great leap in premiums. So one trip shortly after the insured period starts, and one the next year just before the cover ends.



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