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Posted 07 December 2017 15:35:16(UTC)

I have been prescribed 5 mg Cialis daily plus up to 15 mg extra "as required" and a pump for ED.

How long should I remain in a "pumped up" state?  Is there a maximum vacuum to use? ( I have a gauge in mm of something ).


Thanks John



Gleason 6 = 3+3 PSA 8.8 P. volume 41.1 cc
Left Cores 3/3, Volume = 20%
Posted 07 December 2017 18:28:01(UTC)

It took a while for me to be prescribed daily 5mg Cialis so you are lucky. It has given me the best results of all treatments and I don’t need the extra 15mg. A Durex soft pleasure ring from the chemist or supermarket makes all the difference. I’ve been using my pump for nearly 30 months and I think it has been key to my recovery. I don’t use it for sex with the tight rings but if you do , don’t leave the ring on for over 30 minutes. I merely use it for exercise 3 times a week. Pump it till you get a good erection. At first you are tempted to keep pumping , but this can cause ruptured blood vessels and drawing-in of lymphatic fluid , so that even when you release the vacuum your penis looks abnormal. Try not to do ‘this. Gently gently catchy monkey ok !

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Posted 07 December 2017 20:23:15(UTC)

Thanks Chris, I will go steady, no point in damaging things any more than they are!

I will try the ring but I am using the pump as exercise rather than a sex aid.


Gleason 6 = 3+3 PSA 8.8 P. volume 41.1 cc
Left Cores 3/3, Volume = 20%
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